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Contract Communications Standards for the Healthcare Supply Chain

Healthcare suppliers, GPOs, providers, and technology solutions partners are implementing contract communications standards for medical product transactions with promising results. These key developments are shared throughout the year through HIDA’s Contract Administration Workgroup and annual Contract Administration Conference, where contracting and chargebacks professionals gather to hear case studies and discuss best practices for improving pricing accuracy across the healthcare supply chain.

Support continues to grow for this initiative as participating companies and trading partners put these guidelines into action. For your reference, download HIDA’s 845 EDI replication tool, Pricing Accuracy white paper, GLN proof of concept, and GS1 Data Standards survey.

Tools & Resources

HIDA has prepared a number of tools and resources to help with improving pricing accuracy. 

HIDA’s 845 EDI replication tool►
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)
Standard Chargeback Rejection Codes
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)
HISCI (now HSAC) Rostering Template
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)

HIDA Pricing Accuracy Event + Publications


David Forbes, MBA»
Program Director for the Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative