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Contract Administration Conference

Improve Processes. Reduce Costs. Achieve Pricing Accuracy.

The Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative’s annual Contract Administration Conference brings together contract administration professionals from across the healthcare supply chain – distributors, manufacturers, GPOs, and providers – working together to improve processes, reduce costs, and achieve pricing accuracy. Participants gain ideas for improving their day-to-day methods and discover ways to collaborate with their trading partners to reduce pricing mistakes and rework. If you’re involved in administering pricing, chargebacks, or both – you need to attend!

Leading The Way On Improving Pricing Accuracy

The industry professionals that HIDA gathers develop key pricing accuracy resources every year. Be sure to attend the Contract Administration Conference to be part of the best practice progress.

What Types Of Organizations Participate?
IDNs, Health Systems & Other Providers
Healthcare Distributors
Medical Product Manufacturers
Group Purchasing Organizations
Regional Purchasing Coalitions
Technology & Solutions Providers

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Who Should Attend
  • Contact administrators: healthcare industry professionals involved in contract administration or pricing management for medical products
  • Chargeback/rebates managers
  • National accounts leaders: managing GPO and health system relationships
  • Healthcare supply chain leaders: involved in contract management, pricing management, and/or supplier relationships
  • Department leaders from related areas including IT and finance
  • Anyone else involved in healthcare product contracting

“This conference is the most applicable to my role I have ever attended.”
– 2022 conference participant

How You’ll Benefit
  • Gain ideas for improving contract management, pricing administration, and chargeback processing
  • Meet your counterparts from “the other side of the table” and build the relationships with trading partners that will enable you to improve joint processes
  • Participate in working discussions aimed at identifying ways to improve pricing accuracy
  • Advance industry best practices in areas like customer identification, contract notifications, and chargeback management
  • Connect with peers to discuss your challenges and brainstorm solutions
  • Receive the full conference attendee list, which includes contact information
  • Achieve results by reducing rework and increasing price accuracy with your trading partners
Contract Admin roundtable discussion

“Attending as a new leader in this space opened my eyes to the gaps in our process as well as the improvements that are necessary for our business. I am leaving this conference energized to standardize our process and make ourselves easier to do business with.”
– 2022 conference participant

Bring Your Team

Bringing your team to the Conference Administration Conference is a great way to invest in their professional development. They’ll learn to speak the language of pricing accuracy, gain technical and leadership skills, and meet trading partners face-to-face.

New This Year: Pre-Conference Workshop: Introduction To Healthcare Contract Administration
A great way to introduce newer team members to contract and pricing fundamentals before they dive into the main event

Group Discounts: If you’d like to bring a team, contact us.

Distributor Contact:

Kelley Taft

Kelley Taft
Senior Director, Membership

Manufacturer Contact:

Cindy Chen

Cindy Chen, MS
Director, Associates Program

Invite Your Trading Partners

Participating at the Contract Administration Conference tends to create believers. So if you want your vendors or other trading partners to understand and embrace best practices in pricing accuracy, invite them to the event! If you want HIDA’s help, just let us know – we’re happy to add your industry contacts to our invitation list.


Manpreet Kaur Sandhu

Manpreet Kaur Sandhu
Program Manager, Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative

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