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ASC Insights & Trends Overview

Video, 17 Mins 🖥️

Delve into site-of-care shifts, future ASC specialty and procedure-specific growth.

Amy Brouhle, National VP, Supplier Strategy & Business Development, Sg2 | Igor Uman, Associate Principal, Life Sciences & Industry Consulting, Sg2

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Educating Congress On The Value Of Distribution

Video, 15 Mins 🖥️

This session is packed with tips on how to run an impactful visit, while highlighting your facility’s positive impact on the state or district.

Wyeth Ruthven, Director, Congressional & Public Relations, HIDA

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Case Study: Increasing Visibility To Improve Product Availability

Video, 11 Mins 🖥️

Learn how a leading manufacturer innovated its supply chain to mitigate disruptions and improve visibility for its trading partners.

Charles Abbinanti, President, Dukal Corporation

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2024 Customer Market Reimbursement Update

Video, 18 Mins 🖥️

Tune in for a quick update on the Medicare final payment rules for all major customer markets.

Linda Rouse O’Neill, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Policy, HIDA

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Deep Dive Into ASC Procedure & Product Data

Video, 17 Mins 🖥️

Understand current ASC product demand and forecast for the rest of the year.

Brady Baker, Product Manager, US Medical Supply Distribution, Clarivate

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Navigating Healthcare Identifiers: HIN Assignments & Updates

Video, 14 Mins 🖥️

Experts from HIBCC explain how Health Industry Numbers (HIN codes) are assigned and maintained, and share best practices for suppliers.

Allison Mehr, Vice President, HIBCC | Angelie Grant, Director, Operations, HIBCC

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Navigating The Federal Procurement Process 101

Video, 40 Mins 🖥️

Learn what is most important in federal government contracting and how vendors can get a foot in the door.

Jennifer Schaus, Principal, Jennifer Schaus & Associates

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Choosing The Right Channel For Your Products

Video, 18 Mins 🖥️

If you’ve been asked “Why are we spending money on distribution when we could just sell our products direct?”, this session will help you respond.

Elizabeth Hilla, Senior Vice President, HIDA

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Enhancing Profitability For Healthcare Distributors Series

Video, 21 Mins 🖥️

Learn how to identify operational efficiencies and boost profitability in this four-part series.

Nick Pericle, ​Managing Director, ProfitOptics

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