HIDA Executive Conference

Phoenix, AZ  |  March 15-18, 2021

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Wednesday • March 25

Opening General Session | 8:00–9:00am

Building A Powerhouse Culture: Insights From Inside Chick-fil-A

Steve Robinson, Former SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Chick-fil-A


  • Led Chick-fil-A’s global marketing efforts from 1981 to 2015
  • Integrally involved in the company’s incredible growth trajectory
  • Credited with identifying and rolling out the iconic “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign

When Steve Robinson joined Chick-fil-A, the marketing doctrine of the day began with the product. Robinson flipped the script and began placing customer experience above all else in every marketing plan he undertook. Creating legendary “Second Mile Service” hospitality required company leaders to building an amazing company culture which incorporated a powerful mission statement, great hiring, and emphasis on both character and creativity. Together with company founder Truett Cathy, Robinson built an iconic brand and a fanatic base of loyal customers.

In this talk, Robinson will peel back the curtain on how Chick-fil-A established their legendary culture by breaking the rules and refusing to forsake purpose for profit. He’ll address questions like “How do I stand out in a crowded marketplace?” and “How do I attract and retain the right employees and customers?” to provide ideas and inspiration creating your own playbook for business success in a competitive market.

CEO Perspectives: Building A Culture That Drives Business Success | 9:00-10:00am

Ed Pesicka, CEO, Owens & Minor
Joe Reubel, CEO, Kerma Medical Products
Lisa Hohman, CEO, Concordance Healthcare Solutions
Charlie Mills, CEO, Medline

Company culture is critical to business success, but there’s no single formula for a strong culture. In this session, hear from a diverse panel of healthcare distributor CEOs on what characterizes their company’s culture, and how their organization’s unique personality and values contribute to their business outcomes. In this lively conversation, you’ll gain insights on:

  • Establishing and instilling foundational values
  • Ensuring that your company is a great place to work
  • Understanding, communicating, and creating buy-in for your vision

Economic Outlook for 2020: Planning with Optimism | 1:00–2:15pm

Alan Beaulieu, President, Institute for Trend Research

  • HIDA's favorite economist and top-rated speaker
  • Forecast accuracy rate of 94.7% at one year out
  • Co-author, Prosperity in the Age of Decline

Alan Beaulieu, President, Institute for Trend Research

  • HIDA's favorite economist and top-rated speaker
  • Forecast accuracy rate of 94.7% at one year out
  • Co-author, Prosperity in the Age of Decline


The last two years have provided for many headlines, but did those headlines help or hinder your business? Presidential politics are fascinating, and we will explore the likely impact, if any, on the near-term economy and what potential election outcomes may mean to our forecast and to your world. The coronavirus is roiling stock markets, but will it impact your business? Our job will be to determine the best course of action for the most important part of the economy – you and your business. We will:

  • Look at a system of leading indicators proven to signal cyclical turns in the economy and markets
  • Present the outlook for the market segments most important to the Hydraulic Institute
  • Discuss the sectors of the economy that will provide the best opportunities for the next business cycle decline
  • Assess interest rate and other financial market trends, including new information on stock market
  • Consider your 3,5, and 7-year planning needs and talk about the 2020s and how you should prepare for challenges and opportunities

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Thursday • March 26

Healthcare Outlook For 2020: Navigating Disruption, Consolidation, And Cost Pressure | 8:30–10:00am

Bradford Koles, Jr., Executive Director, Advisory Board Company


  • Preeminent thought leader on health system economics and strategy
  • Expertise on all the significant healthcare reform initiatives
  • Master’s degree in economics from Johns Hopkins University

Healthcare providers across the country are grappling with myriad market forces— consolidation, downward price pressure, shifting demographics, and spikes in bad debt—that threaten their bottom line. In this session, explore both the political actions and market forces that threaten your customers’ long-term success, and the actions leaders must take to control their own futures in a rapidly changing marketplace. Gain insights on how the current era of disruption in healthcare is different, what the recent wave of mega-mergers and vertical consolidation means for the industry, and whether to expect political changes that will impact your company and your customers.

Friday • March 27

Policy and Payment Outlook for 2020: Key Changes You Need to Know

Linda Rouse O’Neill, Vice President, Government Affairs, HIDA
Mary Beth Spencer, Director, Government Affairs, HIDA

Taxes, tariffs, reimbursement: you can’t afford not to know about critical policy issues impacting manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare providers. HIDA’s popular Government Affairs team will provide critical insights on what’s happening now, and what’s ahead, for the issues that matter most to your business. Topics include:

  • MACRA, PAMA, PDGM, and the rest of the alphabet soup of changes impacting provider reimbursement
  • Medicare and Medicaid funding trends
  • Current status of tariffs on medical products
  • Presidential election and potential impact on the future of healthcare