Executive Conference | HIDA Educational Foundation
March 21-24, 2023 | Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Bonita Springs, FL

Conference Sessions

Wednesday, March 22
8:30-9:45am ET
2023 Economic Outlook: Navigating An Inflationary Economy
Alan Beaulieu

Alan Beaulieu
Institute for Trend Research

Inflation is complicating every company’s strategic thinking – and that’s why the 2023 Executive Conference will open with an economic forecast. HIDA members’ favorite economist, Alan Beaulieu, says it’s a good news, bad-news situation. Good news: inflation is slowing somewhat (pricing still going up, but more slowly). Bad news: labor costs are still soaring. Good news: producer prices are moderating. Bad news: this means whatever small chance companies had to improve their margins through price changes is even smaller.

Beaulieu, whose company predicts economic trends with 94.7% accuracy at 12 months out, will share actionable ideas on thriving as the economy shifts. You’ll learn:

  • Whether the country is headed into a recession – and what you and your company should do about it
  • Why the current economic phase of slowing growth will quickly give way to accelerating growth in the second half of 2023 and beyond
  • What supply chain challenges – like excess inventories for some items and long lead times for others – mean for distributors’ and manufacturers’ economic decisions
  • How company leaders should evaluate major technological investments in light of key factors, including the tight labor market, customer demand for increasing visibility, and rising interest rates

10:15-11:15am ET
Revenue And Staffing Challenges For Providers

Healthcare providers are facing all kinds of critical shortages: too few workers, too little revenue, and a changing mix of products in short supply. In this session, hear from provider C-suite execs on how these challenges are impacting their operations and what they are doing to address them. Gain insights on:

  • What they’re doing to find savings and improve the bottom line
  • How they are addressing ongoing staffing shortfalls
  • Where they are investing for growth and resilience
  • What they need from their supplier partners
Elizabeth Hilla

Eric Conley
Executive Vice President, Froedtert Health
President, Froedtert Hospital

Christina LaVoie

Julie Sheedy
Chief Marketing & Engagement Officer

11:30am-12:15pm ET
Site-Of-Care Shifts: What To Expect And How To Prepare

The future of healthcare is outside the hospital, according Sg2’s latest healthcare forecast. Find out:

  • Which non-acute settings will see the fastest growth
  • What will happen to acute care volume as care shifts but inpatient acuity increases
  • Why the shift in surgical procedures to ambulatory settings will accelerate
  • What impact telehealth will have on specific care settings
Jeffrey Moser

Jeffrey Moser

1:30-2:30pm ET
Rethinking Your Sales Structure & Strategy
Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee
Sales & Strategy Expert

Today’s customers are different. Has your sales strategy kept up? In this session, gain insights on how customer decision-making processes have changed and how your sales approach should change too. You’ll walk away with insights on how your company can:

  • Grow your sales pipeline and move opportunities through the pipeline more quickly and more successfully
  • Integrate your sales and marketing structure so that leads are captured, acted on, and closed in less time
  • Provide the buying experience that today’s customers are seeking, increasing sales and customer retention

2:50-3:45pm ET
Going Green: Opportunities & Implications For Healthcare Supply Chain

Many healthcare industry organizations are working to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices. In this session, learn what providers and other industry organizations are doing to build a greener healthcare supply chain.

  • Who has signed on to the Health Sector Climate Pledge, and what they plan to do to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050
  • How much weight providers are giving to sustainability when making purchasing decisions, and how they make their evaluations
  • Where to start when working to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and overall environmental impact

Thursday, March 23
8:30-9:30am ET
How Consumerism Is Changing The Game In Healthcare

When healthcare economist Larry Van Horn spoke at HIDA’s Executive Conference in 2018, he predicted that the next five years would see the rise of the consumer, continued increases in insurance deductibles, new market entrants offerings services customers would be willing to pay for themselves, and a surge in telehealth services. Since then, his predictions have largely taken shape in reality. Find out what Dr. Van Horn in predicting now, including:

  • Why consumer demands and preferences will continue to fuel new innovations in care delivery
  • What’s ahead for healthcare price transparency
  • How healthcare manufacturers, distributors, and other organizations should respond
Larry Van Horn

Larry Van Horn, PhD
Associate Professor, Health Economics & Management; Exec. Director of Health Affairs
Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

9:40-10:40am ET
Impacts Of Private Equity On The Competitive Landscape

Private equity is investing heavily in healthcare technology, distribution and manufacturing firms, and even care providers. In this session, you’ll hear from executives who have used PE funding to fuel their growth, and from a PE expert on what investors are looking for. They will discuss topics including:

  • Where investors are targeting their investments
  • How investors evaluate a company’s growth potential
  • What happens when an organization gets the influx of funding
Cara Skowronski

Cara Skowronski

Michael Zappala

Michael Zappala
Vice President

10:50-11:35am ET
Healthcare Policy & Payment Outlook for 2023

HIDA’s Government Affairs team will provide critical insights on what’s happening now, and what’s ahead, for the issues that matter most to your business. Topics will include:

  • Current status of key medical products issues: tariffs, EUAs, and more
  • PAMA, MACRA, PDGM, and the rest of the alphabet soup of changes impacting provider reimbursement
  • New reimbursement incentives for hospitals to buy American-made products
  • Congressional and executive-branch efforts to improve shipping congestion and fast-track medical supplies
  • Impacts of the midterm elections
Elizabeth Hilla

Elizabeth Hilla
Senior Vice President

Christina LaVoie

Christina LaVoie
Director, Policy

2:00-3:00pm ET
Driving Sales & Profit Growth Through Distribution

This session is designed specifically for manufacturers who want to identify and capture healthcare sales opportunities. The challenge? Finding the insights when faced with massive amounts of information, disparate systems, and too few analysts. You’ll get ideas for overcoming these challenges and fuel growth.

  • Industry veteran Tony Pericle of ProfitOptics will share ways to use the data you already have to find ways to improve profit margins and reduce revenue leakage.
  • Andrew Lee of Clarivate will show how aggregated market share data can be used to discover specific sales opportunities, flag at-risk customers or segments, and accelerate sales growth.
Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee
Vice President, Medtech Strategy

Tony Pericle

Tony Pericle

Friday, March 24
8:30-9:30am ET
Looming Issues Impacting Product Availability
Linda Rouse O’Neill

Linda Rouse O’Neill
Vice President, Supply Chain Policy & Executive Branch Relations

Federal regulations, environmental challenges, and global supply chain issues could impact product availability in 2023 and beyond. In this session, get the latest on issues including:

  • Increased oversight of commercial EtO sterilization facilities
  • Use of forced labor in overseas medical product production
  • Federal efforts to address shipping congestion, including HIDA’s proposed legislation to “fast-pass” medical supplies
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