HIDA Executive Conference

Phoenix, AZ  |  March 15-18, 2021

Breakout Sessions and ShareGroups

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Wednesday • March 25 • 10:30-11:30am

Healthcare Business Outlook and Innovation:
Investor Perspectives

Kevin Swan, Partner, Water Street Healthcare Partners
Dan Eckert, CEO, StatLab

Participate in an interactive discussion on the opportunities and challenges for healthcare industry companies in today’s environment. The conversation will lean heavily toward profitability and financial success, including ideas for gaining and leveraging outside funding.

  • Insights from private equity (PE) executives invested in healthcare supplier companies, and from industry companies with PE partners
  • Perspectives on headwinds and tailwinds facing healthcare distributors and manufacturers

Speaker Speaker

Collaborating With Your Partner To Improve Performance: The Power Of Scorecards and Business Reviews

Russ Hicks, VP, Strategic Sourcing, Cardinal Health
Christine Skok, Senior Director, Distribution National Accounts, PDI
Don Lovre, Director, Distribution, B. Braun Medical

Scorecarding allows trading partners to grade each other on key performance areas and target areas for improvement. To make this process more effective, HIDA’s Channel Partnership Council spent two years working to streamline and standardize scorecard metrics.

  • Hear from Council members’s view on the most important things to scorecard
  • Discuss key metrics for advancing the manufacturer-distributor partnership
  • Consider ways to use scorecards more effectively as part of a robust business review process

Wednesday • March 25 • 2:30-3:45pm

Working Session:
Coronavirus Impact On Healthcare Supply Chain

Linda Rouse O’Neill, Vice President, Government Affairs, HIDA

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is straining the medical products supply chain worldwide. In this session, get the latest on the virus’s impact on the global supply chain and consider ways to mitigate shortages.

  • Hear how HIDA is collaborating with the government to improve product availability
  • Understand the role of federal partners during this crisis
  • Participate in the dialogue on ensuring supply chain continuity during this epidemic and future ones

The Evolving Provider Landscape:
What It Means for The Medical Device Industry

Adrienne Lovink, Partner, DRG

Understand macro trends changing your healthcare markets, and gain ideas for meeting customer needs and growing sales.

  • Consolidation and vertical integration trends (and the impact on purchase decision-making)
  • Migration to the outpatient setting
  • Implications for your sales and marketing strategy


Thursday • March 26 • 10:15–11:30am

Medical Sales Leader ShareGroup

Discussion Topic: Hiring Terrific Sales People

Share insights and experiences with other sales force leaders on the best ways to build a great sales team:

  • Innovative ideas for finding strong sales candidates in today’s full-employment economy
  • Technology tools for assessing candidates to make sure you are getting the right people

Strategic Accounts ShareGroup

Discussion Topic: Structuring Your Strategic Accounts Team

Compare approaches and experiences with other strategic accounts leaders on the best ways to organize your team:

  • Characteristics used to define a strategic account
  • Ways to structure the strategic accounts effort: by IDN, by GPO, etc.
  • Ensure alignment and coordination between the team

Education Contact:

Stephanie Reed, MS»

Director, Education
HIDA, 703-838-6105