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HIDA has set up an information clearinghouse on the COVID-19 outbreak for supply chain news and resources of particular interest to distributors, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders.

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2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China, and now a global pandemic. Novel Coronavirus is understood to spread through respiratory droplets expressed from coughing and sneezing.

COVID-19 Maps And Dashboards

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For The Supply Chain

It is important for the supply chain to talk to customers and avoid behaviors such as over-ordering and duplicative ordering. HIDA's Lessons Learned Fact Sheet is a useful quick reference about supply chain challenges from previous recent pandemics.

Lessons Learned: Common Challenges For The Supply Chain*

*Source:HIDA Lessons Learned Fact Sheet, Government Affairs, HIDA.

For additional resources visit the Understanding Healthcare Distribution page. You’ll find infographics and fact sheets providing a high-level overview of the supply chain and the important role of distributors within it.

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Government Resources   COVID GA Alerts►  PDF Downloads►

Open tabs below to view resources and updates from each of the following agencies and organizations.

Key Federal Agencies

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Supports providers and beneficiaries on coverage, payment, benefits, and reimbursement related to COVID-19. | PDF Downloads►

CMS Updates and Announcements:
CMS Guidance And Recommendations:
CMS Factsheets And Toolkits:
CMS Press Release – March 4, 2020:

Food & Drug Administration: Regulates vaccines, medical devices, radiating-emitting electronic products, drugs, and foods. | PDF Downloads►

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Additional Government Resources

Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response (ASPR)
Customs And Border Protection (CBP)
Department Of Defense (DOD)
Department Of Homeland Security (DHS)
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Health & Human Services (HHS)
National Institute Of Health (NIH)
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Veterans Affairs (VA)
World Health Organization (WHO)

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Daily News Updates

View the Daily News Update Archives: Daily News Update Archive►
More articles and weekly COVID-19 Roundup can be found on HIDA News: More News Clips►

Government Affairs Contact:

Mary Beth Spencer, MPS»
Director of Government Affairs
HIDA, 703-838-6133

Press Contact:

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Communications Director
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