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Enhancing Profitability For Healthcare Distributors Series: Part 2

Video, 17 Mins 🖥️

Learn how investing in people, process, and technology can boost profits through a medical product distributor case study.

Nick Pericle, ​Managing Director, ProfitOptics

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The Contract Administration Process, Explained In 5 Minutes

Video, 5 Mins 🖥️

Perfect for onboarding new employees or anyone needing a refresher on how to understand the complicated contract admin process.

Elizabeth Hilla, Senior Vice President, HIDA

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Overview Of ASC Legislation & Regulation

Video, 25 Mins 🖥️

Hear directly from an ASC provider on the complex world of ambulatory care regulations and legislation.

David Shapiro, M.D., Consultant/Risk Manager, Red Hills Surgical Center

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Basics of Healthcare Product Contracting

Video, 15 Mins 🖥️

Get a 101 introduction to the complexities of healthcare pricing processes.

Elizabeth Hilla, Senior Vice President, HIDA

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Medical Device Licensing Overview

Video, 8 Mins 🖥️

Understand state licensing requirement complexities for medical device and drug distribution.

Ryan Fields, SVP Compliance Services, Two Labs; Carley Kelly, Sr. Director, State Licensing Services, Two Labs

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DSCSA Compliance & Stabilization Period Update

Video, 6 Mins 🖥️

Get updates on where the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is in the implementation journey, and what to expect.

Christina Lavoie, Director, Policy, HIDA

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Beyond Data Silos: Strategies for Improved Demand Planning

Video, 15 Mins 🖥️

Learn how the healthcare distribution industry can foster data integration and interoperability between new tech and existing processes.

Cody Fisher, Executive Vice President, Strategic Advisor, Concordance Healthcare Solutions

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A Day In The Life Of A Surgery Center Admin

Video, 10 Mins 🖥️

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the multifaceted world of ASC administrators to keep surgery centers running smoothly.

Emily Spooner, President, Marisa Consulting LLC

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Navigating The Post-Acute Market 101

Video, 13 Mins 🖥️

Join senior sales leaders from the HIDA Post-Acute Council as they discuss how regulatory pressures and competing care setting models are impacting this evolving customer market.

Chris Brooks, Senior VP of Sales, Dukal Corporation; Bob Miller, Executive VP of Sales & Vendor Relations, Gericare Medical Supply

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