Distributor Role In Preparedness And Resilience

Recent events, including COVID-19, demonstrate the need for public and private stakeholders to continue to collaborate on efforts that would support, not supplant, each other. Neither the private sector nor public sector alone possess the full scope of capabilities, infrastructure, funding, nor expertise needed to adequately provide for pandemic preparedness and response in the United States.

Supply chain collaboration can highlight the complementary roles of the commercial supply chain and all levels of government:

  • The private sector is scaled to make, source, and distribute medical products to our nation’s healthcare providers across the care continuum.
  • Public partners can provide the planning, funding, and prioritization to create a cohesive response.

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Below is additional information highlighting the role of distribution in preparedness and response, a compilation of industry resources and HIDA leadership initiatives. 

Medical product distributors are the essential link between global healthcare supply manufacturers and local care providers. HIDA members operate more than 500+ distribution centers to bring critical products, supplies, and services to more than 560,000 healthcare settings across the U.S., including hospitals, long-term care, physician practices, home care, and laboratories. These critical products such as PPE, needles and syringes, lab testing products, infection prevention products are needed an virtually all public health emergencies.

Deliver Critical Medical Products To Healthcare Providers

HIDA members were key in last mile delivery to get PPE and other supplies to providers during the COVID-19 response. (Infographic: Pandemic PPE Response: 91.9 Billion Units In Two Years)

Collaborate With Federal Partners

HIDA members collaborated directly with federal partners during COVID-19 in a data-sharing initiative known as the Supply Chain Control Tower.

Provide Subject Matter Expertise For Preparedness Planning Tools
HIDA and its members provided subject matter expertise on the following tools that assist providers in planning for emergencies and assessing their supply chains:

Other Stakeholder Resources

American Hospital Association
National Governors Association
Trust for America's Health

HIDA Leadership

HIDA has convened HIDA member executives and federal partners from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to engage in collaborative dialogue regarding lessons learned and best practices on preparedness response and planning. These brainstorming sessions on mutual challenges have led to several opportunities to proactively plan for future events and develop playbooks.

HIDA is also the voice of medical product distributors on Capitol Hill. The HIDA Congressional Relations team works with lawmakers and their staff on legislative initiatives that strengthen public/private partnerships and leverage the footprint of the commercial distribution channel.

Convene Public/Private Supply Chain Partnership Leaders


2023 Preparedness Summit: The Power Of Public/Private Partnerships

See what themes on collaborative supply chain monitoring emerged from discussions at the 2023 Preparedness Summit.

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2022 Pandemic Preparedness Summit: Industry Observations & Policy Solutions

Read an overview of public and private sector stakeholders' mutual challenges, industry observations and policy solutions regarding pandemic preparedness.

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Develop Proactive Planning Protocols


HIDA-ASPR Educational Webinar Series

Get a greater understanding of what ASPR does that make it so effective, and what your organization can do to improve preparedness and response.

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Traffic Protocol Partnership Playbook

Get insight and guidance for public and private supply chain partners on collaborative planning strategies and supporting the national preparedness response framework.

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Advocate Policy Priorities

Supply Chain
Press Release
Resiliency Road Map Advocates Medical Supply Chain Collaboration
Supply Chain
Press Release
Bipartisan FAST PASS Bill Headed To House Floor
Emergency Preparedness
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