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Supply Chain Resiliency Road Map

Leading Future Preparedness & Response Initiatives

A Foundation For Future Public Health Responses

Industry supply chain leaders created this road map to share learnings from past public health events and disasters in order to provide a foundation for future public health responses. Future events may include cyberattacks, natural disasters, global transportation challenges, and public health events.

A resilient supply chain is bolstered by collaborative strategies and policies. Neither the private sector nor the public sector alone possess the full scope of capabilities or expertise needed to plan for an all-hazards public health event. Below are HIDA’s principles for a resilient supply chain:

  • Reliable: has consistent demand, supply, labor, transportation, and capital investment
  • Proactive: can anticipate, resist/mitigate, and recover from supply chain disruptions
  • Coordinated: is efficient and works with partners to educate, monitor, and collaborate
  • Transparent: shares and communicates meaningful and actionable information

Five Pillars To Support A Resilient Supply Chain

Diversified Sourcing And Domestic Production Strategy
Buffer Of Critical Products
Future Stockpile Strategies
Expedite Transportation Of Medical Products
Public-Private Partnerships

To read more about each of the five pillars, download the full PDF today.

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