A Nationwide Network Of Healthcare Distributors 

The existing commercial healthcare distribution channel has invaluable experience delivering medical supplies the last mile to patients and consumers. Download As PDF

500+ Distribution Centers In All 50 States
Serving 560,000 Healthcare Provider Locations
On Average, 1 Distribution Center Serves 1,000+ Provider Locations

Connecting The Global Supply Chain To Local Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Manufacturers to Distributors to Providers map

Distributors Have Long-Term Contracts Covering A Wide Range of Products

(Swabs, Specimen Cases)

Infection Prevention
(Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Prep Pads)

Personal Protection
(Mask, Gowns, Gloves)

Treatment Products
(Syringes, IV Supplies, Ventilators)

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Check out HIDA’s interactive map detailing Domestic Manufacturing Of Medical Supplies.