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The healthcare supply chain plays a critical role each flu season in delivering products to prevent the spread of the flu virus and protect the health of millions of Americans. Distributors provide flu vaccines, rapid diagnostics tests, hypodermic supplies and other critical medical products to healthcare settings across the U.S. HIDA works with Congress, industry partners, federal and state agencies to continually improve the flu vaccine supply chain.

What Members Need to Know

HIDA leads the HIDA Flu Initiative that partners with national organizations such as the American Medical Association (AMA) and the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, in order to educate stakeholders on the role of distribution during the flu season.

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National Influenza Vaccination Week and Influenza Updates

HIDA joins CDC in promoting National Influenza Vaccination Week each December as a reminder that its never too late to vaccinate, especially for people in higher risk groups.

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HIDA members as well as stakeholders in the influenza vaccine supply chain and government agencies responsible for the public health and oversight of the production and distribution of influenza vaccines can rely on HIDA for key information on flu vaccine production and utilization. HIDA tracks flu vaccine supply &allocation, patient & physician vaccination trends, manufacturing & distribution processes, Medicare reimbursements, quality reporting measures related to influenza vaccination, and vaccine effectiveness trends.

Industry Flu Resources

Flu Supply News

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