Latest B2B E-Commerce Trends Featured At HIDA Conference

April 27, 2018

Alexandria, VA – With e-commerce rewriting the competitive healthcare landscape, trading partners recently met at the HIDA E-Commerce Conference to determine best ways for engaging buyers across various purchasing channels and growing their businesses. Event insights included:

  • Content is king. “Product content is the number one area where organizations can achieve true e-commerce innovation and success,” said Justin King, President, B2X Partners. Providing methods for buyers to search and interact with medical products across channels is vital, as is providing a consistent buying experience with tools that help facilitate and inform purchasing decisions.

  • Technology investment for e-commerce should be viewed as an ongoing, multi-phased effort. “When building out e-commerce platforms, I find companies often want the solution to be inexpensive, fast, and done well,” said Jary Carter, Co-founder and CRO, OroCommerce. “My suggestion is to pick two, but know that you will never get perfect on your first iteration.”

  • Distributors can leverage supplier capabilities to address customer purchasing expectations, according to Matt Leopold, E-Business Director for TENA, an Essity brand. “Share your digital strategies,” said Leopold. “Don’t be afraid to test, fail, and learn when developing new campaigns.”

The collaborative conference allowed attendees to exchange ideas and identify their most important issues as they relate to product information management, e-commerce channel partnerships, and HIDA’s ongoing work to advance member capabilities in both areas. To learn more, visit

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