November 2023 | From HIDA's Healthcare Distribution & Supply Chain™ magazine

The COVID-19 pandemic put supply chain issues in the spotlight. But these issues have long been a focus for HIDA. The association has worked for years to drive improvements in areas like emergency readiness, demand planning, and inventory management.

So How Are We Doing?

We posed this question to some of the leaders who have been most involved in HIDA’s work to improve supply chain management in healthcare distribution.

Bruce Mairose

Bruce Mairose
Division Chair, Supply Chain Management — Sourcing & Networks
Mayo Clinic

“There is still a major lack of consistency, data, and performance standards between manufacturers, distributors, and providers. There are many contributing factors, and I don’t believe enough work done to date to move the needle. But we’re working on it. At Mayo, we are piloting technology that would enable greater inventory and demand transparency with several trading partners.”

— Bruce Mairose, Mayo Clinic

Lisa Hohman

Lisa Hohman
President & CEO
Concordance Healthcare Solutions

“Healthcare supply chain improvement is slowed by the countless disparate systems that solve for a myriad of unique, singular challenges. To overcome that, we have created an agnostic “ecosystem” to allow the industry to share data and make better supply chain decisions. It’s called Surgence, powered by technology partner Palantir. This is a big step toward a more resilient and efficient healthcare supply chain.”

— Lisa Hohman, Concordance Healthcare Solutions

Pete Bennett

Pete Bennett, CPIM
Senior Vice President, Global Logistics
Cardinal Health

“The Supply Chain Visibility Conference — now the MedSupplyChain Conference — has advanced the healthcare industry’s focus on visibility and resilience by gathering industry leaders in a positive setting to share best practices and advancements in planning, supply chain, logistics, and inventory management. The conference offers a significant opportunity for collaboration; we are all facing unique challenges and changes and share the same goal of advancing the healthcare supply chain.”

— Pete Bennett, Cardinal Health

Pete Bennett

Tim Bugg
President & CEO
Capstone Health Alliance

“It’s great to see thought leaders coming together to shape our supply chain for the future. The MedSupplyChain conference’s growth shows HIDA’s dedication to improving the industry — and the case studies that companies are sharing prove that progress is happening.”

— Tim Bugg, Capstone Health Alliance

Manpreet Sandhu

Manpreet Sandhu
Senior Manager of Industry Affairs

“At the beginning of COVID, I was an inventory management consultant working on-site at various health systems. The need for better supply chain practices was clear: Facilities were running out of some critical products and far overstocked with others. It’s great to see the progress that is happening in the industry. I’m excited that HIDA is ramping up our MedSupplyChain Conference to hear from folks who are investing in visibility and resilience and to drive further progress.”

— Manpreet Sandhu, HIDA

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