The MedSupplyChain Conference brings healthcare industry leaders together to build visibility, discover best practices, and enhance partnerships.

Participants come from across the supply chain: distributors, manufacturers (including medical supplies and devices, pharma, and other companies serving healthcare markets), GPOs, healthcare providers, and even government agency officials. Our sixth-annual event, formerly named the Supply Chain Visibility Conference, offers a critical opportunity to advance the medical supply chain. Through case studies, roundtables, and working discussions, the conference provides an ideal venue for discussing challenges and advancing healthcare supply chain collaboration and resilience.

Kudos From Past Attendees

Direct quotes from 2023 and 2022 conference evaluations

Must-Attend Conference

“This is a ‘must attend’ event if you are responsible for Supply Chain within your organization.”

Tim Rubert
Vice President, Government Affairs
Bound Tree Medical

Supply Chain Connections

“Excellent discussions and connections with representatives of manufacturers, distributors and technology providers in a great setting.”

Uwe Neitzel

Uwe Neitzel
Director, Business Development

Excellent Learning Opportunity

“Excellent opportunity to bring individuals from the industry together to learn from each other.”

Holly Farrell

Holly Farrell
Senior Leader, Global Procurement
McKesson Medical-Surgical

Productive And Informative

“The topics were thought-provoking and the attendees were knowledgeable. Throughout the conference, the dialogue was thoughtful. Thanks for a productive, informative conference!”

Joanne McMahon

Joanne McMahon
Head of Government Business Development & Compliance
Cardinal Health

Supply Chain Collaboration

“Great collaboration!”

Eileen Simmons

Eileen Simmons
Business Development Manager
3M Health Care

Variety Of Perspectives

“Brought together multiple layers of the supply chain so you could hear a variety of perspectives.”

Very Effective

“The combination of presentations with table breakouts is very effective.”


“Really liked hearing about the different technology advancements and challenges that different groups had.”

Show Your Supervisor How You Both Will Benefit

Need to convince your boss to invest in your attendance at the MedSupplyChain Conference? Here’s some advice from experts.

DO focus on what you will specifically bring back to the organization as payback for the investment

DON’Tfocus on how much you want to go

Include Specifics About:
  • Session content. Which conference sessions are most relevant to your organization and your role? How do they tie to problems you are trying to overcome?
  • Best practices. Does your organization fully understand and embrace leading practices in areas like allocation management and supply chain resilience planning? If not, this is the place to learn. It’s also your opportunity to advance healthcare industry adoption by interacting with your counterparts from other companies.
  • Vendor contacts. What business partners are you likely to interact with? What healthcare supply vendors do you plan to visit?
  • Results. If you gain an idea that allows you to right-size inventory levels, increase service levels to customers, or reduce freight costs – how much is that worth to your organization?

Be sure to invite your supervisor to join you at the conference if it’s a fit for them. And if they can’t attend, make sure they know you’ll bring back plenty of notes and business cards, and share what you learn with both your supervisor and teammates.

*Source: Mike Doyle, How to Justify Conference Attendance

MedSupplyChain Advisory Council

The MedSupplyChain Conference Advisory Council is an expert team of high-level supply chain executives from across the continuum of care in both the private sector and government agencies. Their knowledge, experience and industry connections are behind the development of MedSupplyChain educational and professional development opportunities.

Jon Archer
Senior Manager, International Freight Operations

Pete Bennett
Senior Vice President, Global Logistics
Cardinal Health

Kevin Booth
Director, Supply Chain Relations

Tim Bugg
President & CEO
Capstone Health Alliance

Mary Byrne
Vice President, Supply Chain
Cardinal Health

Wayland Coker
Chief Supply Chain Strategist
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Raymond Davis
Vice President, Supply Chain
Universal Health Services

David Forbes
Vice President, Supply Chain Management
United Urology Group

Priya Gismondi
GM, Medtech, Channel

Ryan Haley
Director of Vendor Relations
Medline Industries

Patrick Halloran
Director, Global Trade
Cardinal Health

Andy Hamilton
Executive Director of Supply Chain

Bryan Heartsfield
Director, External Partnerships

David Hovan
Vice President, Supplier Operations

Siobhan Kelly
Vice President, Supply Chain

Pamela Koehn
Vice President, Supply Chain
Direct Supply

Laura Kowalczyk
Vice President, Supply Chain
UAB Medicine

Bruce Mairose
Vice Chair Operations - Supply Chain
Mayo Clinic

Chad T. Mitchell
AVP, Contract and Program Services

Anita Mouroutsos
VP, Strategic Supplier Engagement

Patricia Petrone
Director, Channel Management
Johnson & Johnson

Carlos Rivera
VP, Supply Chain and Logistics

Derrek Seif
Chief Product Officer

Eileen Simmons
Business Development Manager

The Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) is committed to a respectful and safe experience for all participants, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, and any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws. HIDA does not tolerate discrimination, intolerance, harassment, or aggression at any HIDA event, either in person or via electronic communications. Any discriminatory, harassing, inappropriate, or aggressive behavior should be reported to an employee of HIDA or to the event staff immediately. Anyone engaged in inappropriate behavior is subject to removal from the event at HIDA’s discretion.