Recorded Virtual Conference | May 5, 2023

Acute/ASC Customer Insights Conference

HIDA’s Acute/ASC Customer Insights Virtual Conference is your opportunity to learn directly from providers about the financial drivers and operational challenges that drive your customers’ decisions and ask those burning questions in real time. If you sell to hospitals or ambulatory surgery centers, then you don’t want to miss this once-a-year virtual event.

The 2023 virtual conference was recorded and session recordings are available for purchase.

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Who Should Attend
  • Marketing leaders
  • Sales managers
  • Sales reps
  • Executive leadership
  • Strategic planning professionals
How You’ll Benefit
  • Gain insights on trends in the hospital and surgery center markets: distribution models, labor challenges, shifting sites of care, and more.
  • Learn the latest on hospital and ASC reimbursement, including the continuing transition to value-based payments, EtO, modifications to the inpatient-only list for surgeries, and other changes impacting sales opportunities.
  • Hear directly from hospital and ASC decision-makers on their challenges and what they need from manufacturers and distributors to address them.
“Strongly recommend this conference. Relevant material that keeps me abreast of market trends.”
Mary Jo Griffin

Mary Jo Griffin

Leverage The Advantages Of Virtual
HIDA’s virtual conference allows you and your team to stay up to date on market trends without wasting precious time on travel. HIDA’s virtual platform offers some great advantages:
  • Ability to attract key experts as presenters and panelists
  • Real-time interaction during conference sessions
  • Convenience and cost savings


All sessions are listed in Eastern Time. Time and topics subject to change.

11:00-11:30am ET
Understanding How Acute Care Providers Make Product Decisions

Hospitals evaluate products to make sure they can provide the best possible quality of care, while keeping costs in hand. Understanding which stakeholders have a say in product decisions and the amount of clout they have is instrumental in maintaining your customer relationships. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How the value analysis process typically works
  • How the supply chain department works with their C-Suites and what decisions are made at each level
  • How decision-makers weigh trade-offs between product price, quality, ease of use, and other factors
LeAnn Born

LeAnn Born
Former Health System Supply Chain Executive
LeAnn R. Born Advisory Solutions

ASC Market Trends And Outlook

Increasingly more surgery procedures are moving from the hospital outpatient setting to surgery centers. This session will focus on growth of the ASC market and factors driving demand. Gain insights on:

  • What procedures are moving most quickly from hospital outpatient to ASC settings
  • How CMS reimbursement changes are fueling the growth of office-based labs
  • What the differences are between ASCs, HOPDs and OBS facilities and the importance of a targeted sales approach
John Goehle

John Goehle
Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies, LLC

Kathleen Fox

Kathleen Fox
Director, Market Insights

How Hospitals Make Money

Financial challenges continue to be top of mind for hospital CEOs as costs increase. At least one-third of hospitals reported negative profit margins last year. With a clear understanding of the financial drivers impacting the hospital’s bottom line, vendors can better help customers get back in the black. In this session, you’ll gain insights on:

  • The current state of hospital finances
  • What hospitals are doing to combat lost revenue
  • How vendors can best align their pitch to hospital leaders’ bottom-line concerns
James McManus

James McManus
CFO Adena Health System

Customer Insights: What’s Ahead For ASC Providers
Panel Discussion

In this lively panel discussion, surgery center leaders will discuss how patient volume and payment rule changes have affected their overall strategy. Find out how ASCs are managing today and what programs are on the horizon in order to prepare for future demand. You’ll gain insights on:

  • How they are dealing with current staffing challenges
  • What types of procedures are growing fastest, and what they anticipate volume to look like in the future
  • How medical supply decisions are made
Kayla Schneeweiss-Keene

Kayla Schneeweiss-Keene
ASC Administrator
Mann Cataract Surgery Center

Andrew Lovewell

Andrew Lovewell
Columbia Orthopaedic Group

Wes Campbell

Moderator: Wes Campbell
Research Partner
Advisory Board


Customer Insights: Hospital And IDN Provider Challenges
Panel Discussion

Hospital and health system leaders will discuss their biggest challenges as they head into 2023 and beyond. They’ll talk about current headwinds including labor shortages, inflation, and supply chain delays. Other topics in this panel discussion will include:

  • New inventory management strategies
  • Approaches to primary and secondary vendor relationships
  • Differences in challenges based on facility size and ownership

Christina Good
System Director, Supply Chain Operations
Fairview Health Services | Supply Chain

Sara Henderson
Vice President, Supply Chain
Avera Health

Manpreet Sandhu

Moderator: Manpreet Sandhu
Program Manager, Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative


Acute/ASC Reimbursement And Regulatory Update

In this session, we’ll cover recent changes to the acute and ASC payment structures. We will also review important regulatory issues affecting both markets that should be regular talking points in your customer conversations.

  • Overview of CMS’ quality reporting program and what the changes mean for your ASC customers
  • The latest changes to reimbursement rules, including value-based purchasing programs and other policies impacting payments
  • Potential impact of ethylene oxide (EtO) on customer product supply
Linda Rouse O’Neill

Linda Rouse O’Neill
Senior Vice President for Supply Chain Policy

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Kelley Taft
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Cindy Chen, MS
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