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2020 Healthcare Strategic Accounts Summit

Who Should Participate

The Healthcare Strategic Accounts Summit is designed for anyone who leads their company’s key accounts teams. This includes VPs, directors, and other executives responsible for health systems, GPOs, enterprise/corporation/national accounts, contracting, and/or strategic relationships.

If you’re a strategic accounts leader, you’re invited to join Healthcare Strategic Accounts Council today!

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Healthcare Strategic Accounts Summit

Selling In The New Healthcare Environment

11:00am-12:00pm EDT

Christine Arme, VP National Accounts, 3M Health Care, Healthcare Strategic Accounts Council Facilitator
Colm Foley, Managing Director & Sr. Partner, Boston Consulting Group
Meg Kedrowski, Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group
Nate Beyor, Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group

It’s a brave new world for strategic accounts leaders. Many customers won’t let you in the door, so virtual selling is now the norm.  Getting an appointment for even a video call is tougher than ever, with customers tied up with shortages, new requirements, and serious financial challenges. In this session, find out how leading-edge medtech companies are reinventing their sales strategy for the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Gain insights on:

  • Succeeding in a virtual sales environment
  • Addressing your customer’s financial challenges as they deal with COVID-driven revenue losses
  • Tying your message to the health system’s most pressing needs

Selling Safely: Best Practices For Field Reps As Healthcare Facilities Reopen

Thursday, September 24, 12:15-1:00pm EDT

Hudson Garrett, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Louisville

As your sales teams begin calling on customers in person again, it’s critical that they have the information and tools to protect themselves while interacting with healthcare customers amid the pandemic. In this session, find out what strategic accounts reps need to know most – from basic steps like handwashing to procedures for using PPE correctly.

  • Learn the top 10 strategies to keep your employees safe while interacting with healthcare customers
  • Understand– and go beyond – the CDC’s recommendations to stop the spread of COVID-19 infections
  • Reassure your customers that your team is ready to interact with them safely

4 Crucial Skills Reps Need For Selling Virtually

1:15-2:00pm EDT

Tim Morris, Account Executive, McKesson Medical-Surgical
Alex Caldwell, Vice President, Claflin
Kevin Dixon, Sr. Director, Commercial Contracting, Medtronic
Stephen Milton, Director, Sales & Training & Development, PDI
Elizabeth Hilla, Senior Vice President, HIDA

COVID-19 has caused sales professionals to completely rethink what’s possible when selling virtually. In this session hear what sales reps are doing differently to break through artificial barriers that make it harder to sell in a virtual setting.

  • How to establish rapport when you’re not in the same room
  • Why it’s so important for you to prepare, practice, and personalize when selling online
  • What the most successful reps do to reduce the distractions inherent in online interactions and ensure true engagement with the customer

4:00-6:00pm | Healthcare Strategic Accounts Council Board Meeting
(Board members only)

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Summit Contact:

Cindy Chen, MS»
Director, Associates Program
HIDA, 703-838-6114