Strengthen Your Supplier Partnerships & Expand Your Network

Designed exclusively for leaders of local, regional, and specialty healthcare distributors

Join distribution experts and fellow independent distributors for insights on increasing profitability. Benefit from peer-to-peer exchange, and gain ideas you can implement right away. At the Independent Distributors Summit fall meeting – built into #StreamliningHealthcare24 – work interactively with peers from other independents, learning from each other and from distributor profitability experts Mike Emerson and Nick Pericle.

Tackle Management Challenges
Increase Margins And Net Profits
Leverage Tech For Competitive Advantage
Thursday, September 12, 2024
7:00 – 8:00am
Independent Distributors Working Networking Breakfast
8:00 – 9:30am

Interactive Workshop on Profitability

Easy Profit Levers
  • Identify and fix profit drains like returns and excess inventory
  • More effectively track and analyze our profit margins
  • Analyze current cost structures and pricing models
Leveraging Tech for Competitive Advantage
  • Use reactive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics – just like the larger distributors
  • Understand tech options like CRMs, generative AI, and more
Mike Emerson

Mike Emerson
Managing Partner
Indian River Consulting Group

Nick Pericle

Nick Pericle
Vice President, Technology Strategies & Solutions

9:30 – 10:15am
Peer-to-Peer Exchange With Other Independent Distributor Leaders

Plus: The Distributor Reverse Expo, a great way to build your visibility for your organization (and free with registration!).

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The Independent Distributors Summit Is Hosted By HIDA’s Independent Distributors Leadership Council:
  • Troy Barnett, Chief Operations Officer, Mercedes Scientific
  • Allie Blanford, President, Lite Source Inc
  • Dennis Clock, President/Owner, Clock Medical Supply, Inc.
  • Clinton Ebel, Director of Operations, Clint Pharmaceuticals
  • Brandon Fagnani, Director of New Business Development, Lynn Medical
  • Chris Fagnani, Vice President, Lynn Medical, Inc.
  • Evone Farha, Vice President, Merit Pharmaceutical
  • Kim Greenberg, President, Delasco
  • Megan Henken, VP Product Management, Delasco
  • Hugo Jeffrey, Principal, Surgo Surgical Supply
  • Mark Kline, Chief Commercial Officer, NDC, Inc.
  • Mark Litton, Chief Operations Officer, Howard Medical Company
  • Jim Macholz, President/CEO, Atlantic Medical Solutions, Inc.
  • Colton Mason, Senior Vice President, Supreme Medical Fulfillment Systems Inc.
  • Ashleigh McLaughlin, Chief Financial Officer, IMCO, Inc.
  • Lynn Patterson, Chief Executive Officer, Gericare Medical Supply
  • Eric Puhl, Director of Procurement, Lynn Medical, Inc.
  • Randy Reichenbach, Vice President, Medical Resources
  • William Reubel, President/CEO, Kerma Medical Products, Inc.
  • Cara Skowronski, Executive Consultant, Delasco
  • Allyson Straczek, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Delasco
  • Brian Sturkie, VP of US Sales, A&M Scientific Supply
  • Al Wicks, Chief Executive Officer, C & S Medical Supply, Inc.
  • Emily Wilburn Andrews, Chief Executive Officer, Wilburn Medical USA

Independent Distributors Summit participants

Independent Distributors Summit participants

“HIDA Streamlining Business Expo helps you meet new people, expand your professional contacts that can potentially lead to valuable business opportunities.” Lance Brown, CEO, Rhino Medical Supply