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Where the healthcare distribution industry strategizes for 2025 and beyond

Growth Strategies Summit

Track 1

Key market trends and provider needs; marketing strategies; forecast for 2025

Track 2

Channel strategy; selling through distributors; multiplier effect

Track 3

Distributor executive teams; plans and priorities for 2025. Open to manufacturers only

Learn more about federal procurement and contracting, diversity procurement initiatives, marketing strategies and more.


Tackle management challenges, increase margins and net profits, and Learn from experts and peers.


Opening General Session

Past speakers for the Streamlining Healthcare opening general session have included Dr. Geeta Nayyar on how AI is revolutionizing healthcare, General Gus Perna on his experience as the logistician behind the U.S. COVID response, and more.

“Streamlining Healthcare does a great job of distilling a wide variety of important trends down into a singular snapshot of what is happening in our industry both currently and into the future. If you want to see over the horizon, Streamlining Healthcare is the place for you.” Distributor Attendee