Managing Accounts for Growth

In some businesses, the salesperson's job is successfully completed when he or she writes that big order. But in the distribution business, and other types of ongoing healthcare sales relationships, that's just the beginning. Each account represents a long-term business opportunity—an opportunity you must manage and build. In this course, we'll learn the account management techniques that can make every customer relationship you have more successful.

To begin with a definition, account management is managing each account to get the maximum sales volume from it, at a healthy profit, while maintaining the standards of performance and ethics necessary for a long-term business relationship. Obviously, this requires many things: keeping good records; identifying who the real decision-makers are and selling yourself and your company to them; helping your customers improve the accuracy and timeliness of their orders; and anticipating your accounts' needs so that you can capitalize on opportunities while helping your customer.

After completing this course, you'll learn:
  • A tool to "read" the decision-makers and influencers and develop strategies for building relationships
  • Methods for setting account goals, tracking account activity, and improving specific account relationships
  • Proven account penetration strategies
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Pages:  31
Last Updated:  7/26/2023