HIDA's Work In Washington

Annual Advocacy Report

HIDA's Work In Washington highlights key government affairs victories and industry accomplishments that helped protect, advance and promote the interests of medical products distributors.

HIDA Advocacy Report

Government Affairs in Action

A huge victory was achieved at the end of 2019 when full and permanent repeal of the 2.3% excise tax on medical devices was included as part of a broader deal to fund the government.

HIDA members rallied for a decade on the issue, which was enacted as part of ACA but suspended several times since its inception. The repeal is a giant win for the industry and demonstrates the value of remaining engaged with policymakers.

HIDA Members Deliver Strong Presence On The Hill

More than 60 HIDA members and their manufacturer partners took part in the 2019 Washington Summit. Participants educated lawmakers and their staff on the essential role distributors play in supporting patient care. ‬‬‬

Preparedness And Supply Chain Health Were Top Advocacy Priorities In 2019

Through the dedicated advocacy of HIDA and its members, important measures were enacted last year that strengthened the healthcare supply chain.

Get Involved

HIDA’s Political Action Committee is the only PAC that exclusively represents medical products distributors on Capitol Hill. It is a non-partisan, industry-focused tool unifying businesses of all sizes across the industry and aids HIDA in educating key decision makers on important issues. To get involved in upcoming advocacy opportunities, email HIDAGovAffairs@HIDA.org.

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