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HIDA has set up an information clearinghouse on the COVID-19 outbreak for supply chain news and resources of particular interest to distributors, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders.

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2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China, and now a global pandemic. Novel Coronavirus is understood to spread through respiratory droplets expressed from coughing and sneezing.

COVID-19 Maps And Dashboards

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For The Supply Chain

It is important for the supply chain to talk to customers and avoid behaviors such as over-ordering and duplicative ordering. HIDA's Lessons Learned Fact Sheet is a useful quick reference about supply chain challenges from previous recent pandemics.

Lessons Learned: Common Challenges For The Supply Chain*

*Source:HIDA Lessons Learned Fact Sheet, Government Affairs, HIDA.

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Government Resources   COVID GA Alerts►  PDF Downloads►

Open tabs below to view resources and updates from each of the following agencies and organizations.

Key Federal Agencies

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Supports providers and beneficiaries on coverage, payment, benefits, and reimbursement related to COVID-19. | PDF Downloads►

CMS Updates and Announcements:
CMS Guidance And Recommendations:
CMS Factsheets And Toolkits:
CMS Press Release – March 4, 2020:

Food & Drug Administration: Regulates vaccines, medical devices, radiating-emitting electronic products, drugs, and foods. | PDF Downloads►

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Additional Government Resources

Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response (ASPR)
Customs And Border Protection (CBP)
Department Of Defense (DOD)
Department Of Homeland Security (DHS)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Health & Human Services (HHS)
National Institute Of Health (NIH)
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Veterans Affairs (VA)
World Health Organization (WHO)

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Daily News Updates

View the Daily News Update Archives: Daily News Update Archive►
More articles and weekly COVID-19 Roundup can be found on HIDA News: More News Clips►

Government Affairs Contact:

Mary Beth Spencer, MPS»
Director of Government Affairs
HIDA, 703-838-6133

Press Contact:

Sharon Cohen»
Communications Director
HIDA, 703-838-6104