Education Sessions

Get the latest on issues impacting your customers during Streamlining Healthcare education sessions. HIDA experts share insights on supply chain trends, challenges, and innovations.

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Stephanie Reed, MS»

Director, Education
HIDA, 703-838-6105

Tuesday, September 22

Post-Acute Channel Strategies | Lab & Diagnostics Channel Strategies

Tuesday, September 22 | 7:00-8:00am (Breakfast) | 8:00am-12:00pm (Session)


PWH Leadership Workshop:

A Candid Conversation about Gender Equality in the Workplace

Tuesday, September 22, 12 noon-1:00pm (Lunch) and 1:00-3:00pm (Session)

What’s your unconscious gender bias? One male manager tended to be “softer” in coaching his female employees, until he realized that going easy on them was actually holding them back. A female manager encouraged the women she supervised to take time off for family needs, but didn’t always communicate the same considerations to male employees. In this interactive workshop, hear from a diverse panel of female and male leaders from the healthcare industry on the lessons they’ve learned about their own unconscious stereotypes, and on overcoming them to build a strong diverse team. You’ll gain new ideas on:

  • Helping both female and male employees balance work and family
  • Creating a fair and safe work culture
  • Recognizing and dealing with unconscious biases
  • Empowering employees to make their voices heard

Pricing Accuracy Summit

Tuesday, September 22, 3:00-5:00pm

In this elevated version of HIDA’s annual contract administration session, leaders involved in contracting, pricing management, GPO negotiations, and chargebacks will participate in a dialogue on how to make overly complicated processes easier and more accurate.

  • Keys to achieving a four-way price match involving the manufacturer, distributor, provider, and GPO
  • Dialogue with all four sectors represented, to promote understanding of best practices and tackle common challenges
  • Advances in processes and automation to enhance efficiency and eliminate costly errors

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Independent Distributors Summit

Tuesday, September 22, 3:00-5:30pm

Join independent distributor leaders for an engaging and interactive session which will explore how the Entrepreneurial Operating SystemTM (EOS®) can help transform your business. You’ll gain practical tools you can apply right away, and hear directly from distributor executives who have implemented EOS within their own teams and businesses.

Exclusively for independent distributors with 50 employees or less.


Distributor Q&A Sessions

New, interactive presentations designed for manufacturers to hear directly from distributors. The Q&A sessions will feature a panel of leading distributor executives from one company who will discuss their business, relevant markets, and product categories. The second half of the session is a unique opportunity for manufacturers to ask their specific questions to company executives from McKesson, Medline, Fisher Healthcare, Concordance, Cardinal Health, and Owens & Minor.

These sessions are open to manufacturer attendees only.


Tuesday, September 22 | 3:00-4:00pm: McKesson

Tuesday, September 22 | 3:00-4:00pm: Owens & Minor

Tuesday, September 22 | 4:00-5:00pm: Medline

Wednesday, September 23 | 4:00-5:00pm: Fisher Healthcare

Wednesday, September 23 | 4:00-5:00pm: Concordance

Thursday, September 24 | 10:15-11:15am: Cardinal Health

Thursday, September 24 | 10:15-11:15am

Wednesday, September 23

Physician Practices In Recovery

Wednesday, September 23 | 8:00-9:00am

Many physician practices were shut down for weeks or months due to the pandemic. In this session, gain insight into the current financial health of this market segment and its projected future.

  • Which sectors were hardest hit, and how quickly they will recover
  • How physician offers are dealing with pent-up demand
  • How COVID-19 experiences could impact physician practices long-term

Managing Post-Pandemic Overstock

Wednesday, September 23 | 9:15-10:15am

The global response to COVID-19 product shortages was critical to protecting healthcare providers and saving lives. Still, the enormous infusion of products will create a surplus of expensive assets across the industry. Hear perspectives on:

  • How providers and distributors reassessing and managing the glut of products from surgical masks to ventilators
  • What they can do to prevent unnecessary waste
  • Whether these surpluses are preventable, or only predictable

COVID’s Long-Term Impact On Supply Chain

Wednesday, September 23 | 10:30am-11:30am

The pandemic brought healthcare supply chain out of the background and into the spotlight, in good ways and bad. In this session, a panel of supply chain leaders will consider:

  • What pandemic experiences and news coverage could mean for supply chain’s role in the future
  • How the flood of unknown suppliers highlighted the value of trusted supply chain partners
  • Whether distributors, GPOs, and health systems need to elevate their message around the value of supply chain

Thursday, September 24

Surgery Surge: Meeting Pent-Up Demand For Elective Procedures

Thursday, September 24, 9:00-10:00am

Healthcare systems are anxious to meet the demand for surgeries and other procedures postponed during the height of COVID-19. Theincrease in surgeries will shift demand to different product categories and create a new round of challenges for supply chain leaders. Hear about:

  • How hospitals and surgery centers are gearing up
  • What they are doing to protect clinicians and patients for a possible coronavirus resurgence
  • How suppliers can help

Healthcare Strategic Accounts Summit

Thursday, September 24, 1:45-3:45pm

Designed for those who lead their company’s key accounts teams. This includes VPs, directors, and other executives responsible for health systems, GPOs, enterprise/corporation/national accounts, contracting or strategic relationships.


Supply Chain Resilience Summit: Life After COVID-19

Thursday, September 24, 1:45-3:45pm

The COVID-19 pandemic brought longstanding healthcare supply-and-demand challenges into the limelight. The pandemic reinforced the importance of HIDA’s Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative and its efforts to improve supply chain visibility and preparedness. This Summit will convene supply chain executives from manufacturers, distributors, IDNs/providers, and GPOs to share tactical ideas and promote larger practices the industry must prioritize. Topics include:

Demand Planning In A Post-COVID World
  • Creating more accurate and timely demand signals
  • Leveraging these new signals and resetting assumptions from traditional ones

The Geographically Diverse Supply Chain Imperative
  • Identifying high risk hot spots in the global supply chain
  • Finding manufacturing capabilities in new regions
  • Identifying and vetting second and third tier suppliers

Providing An Inventory Buffer
  • How the pandemic may impact thinking about the Strategic National Stockpile
  • Whether improved government direction on supply chain priorities is needed
  • What preparedness means for supply chain: how much is enough?