Contract Administration Conference
Hyatt Regency Coral Gables, FL | February 4-5, 2020

Previous Speakers

Conference Speaker

Randy Bradley, PhD
University of Tennessee

Conference Speaker

Jonathan VanValkenburg
Cardinal Health

Conference Speaker

Valerie Elliott
Fisher Healthcare

Conference Speaker

Aditya Kejriwal
Cardinal Health

Conference Speaker

Chaun Powell

Conference Speaker

Priya Gismondi

Conference Speaker

George Godfrey
Baptist Health S. Florida

Conference Speaker

Shawn Katusin
IHN Sourcing Group

Conference Highlights

The Value of Contracting Standards Has Never Been Greater: How Can You Benefit?

If you’re involved in negotiating or administering pricing and pricing, contracts, or chargebacks, you need to attend HIDA’s Contract Administration Conference. This unique event brings together executives and contract administration professionals from across the healthcare supply chain – distributors, manufacturers, GPOs, and providers – all working to improve processes, reduce costs, and achieve pricing accuracy.

Find out more about HIDA's Improving Pricing Accuracy initiative.  Pricing Accuracy►

Who Should Attend

  • Contract administrators: manufacturers, distributors, and providers involved in contract administration, pricing management, chargeback/rebate management, and other pricing-related options
  • National accounts leaders: anyone involved in managing GPO and health system relationships or negotiating pricing and contracts
  • Group purchasing organization (GPO) professionals, regional purchasing coalition representatives, and healthcare supply chain leaders: anyone involved in contract negotiations, pricing management, and/or supplier relationships
  • Department leaders from related areas including IT and finance
  • Anyone else involved in healthcare product contracting

How You’ll Benefit

  • Examine best practices for contract management, pricing administration, chargebacks, and more
  • Learn and advance standard practices for improving efficiency, achieving pricing accuracy, and eliminating rework
  • Meet your counterparts from “the other side of the table”
  • Build the relationships that will enable you to improve joint processes

Kudos From Last Year’s Attendees

  • Excellent opportunity to be part of 'the solution' and to network with amazing people from the industry.
  • Great to be together and realize we all have the same issues.
  • Rare opportunity to discuss contracting issues with others in the industry experiencing similar issues.
  • HIDA is driving changes – it’s a great networking tool that will lead to business relationships that will also drive change.
  • This is the best conference I attend!
  • If you want to help improve price accuracy and reduce rework within the healthcare supply chain – please attend!

Distributor Contact:

Kelley Taft»
Director, Membership
HIDA, 703-838-6127

Manufacturer Contact:

Cindy Chen, MS»
Sr. Manager, Associates Program, HIDA, 703-838-6114

Event Contact and Provider, GPO, Service Provider Contact:

David Forbes, MBA»

Program Director for the Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative
HIDA, 703-838-6110


Tuesday, February 4

(Times and topics subject to change.)

Welcome and Objectives • 1:30-1:50pm

Opening Session:
From Manual To Machine: Efficiency Leaps Through Automation • 1:50-2:40pm

Randy Bradley, PhD, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee

  • Outspoken advocate for IT’s role in improving healthcare supply chain and revenue cycle management
  • Engaging, nationally recognized thought leader with experience across multiple industries
  • Insights on which technologies offer the most promise, how they might benefit contract administration processes, and how the industry can embrace them

Using Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence To Improve Contract Administration • 2:40-3:10pm

Aditya Kejriwal, Pricing Services Strategy and Execution, Cardinal Health
Jonathan VanValkenburg, Pricing Services Strategy and Execution, Cardinal Health

  • Tools for supporting your field reps in ensuring provider pricing assurance
  • Effective ways to streamline internal customer service for eligibility-related issues
  • Strategies that minimize the need for the internal “general mailbox”

Table Discussions • 3:10-3:25pm

What are you doing to increase automation in contract administration processes? 

Break 3:25-3:40pm

Pricing Playbook: Helping Reps with Customer Moves, Tier Changes, and Other Contract Challenges • 3:40-4:05pm
Valerie Elliott, Director, Sales Processes, Customer Experience, and Loyalty, Fisher Healthcare
  • Simple templates for keeping contract information, contact names, and timelines current and relevant
  • The importance of assigning an “owner” to each contract
  • Strategies for tracking and sharing critical information, and impact on the sales and contract admin teams

Chargeback Reconciliation: More Alignment, Fewer Headaches • 4:05-4:20pm
Priya Gismondi, Chair, Chargeback Reconciliation Workgroup, and Vice President, Medical Products, ValueCentric
  • Newly-finalized standard codes for chargeback denials – why they’re so valuable, and how to use them to reduce denials and rework
  • Strategies for improving reconciliation processes

Pricing Accuracy Initiative Update: New Automation Tools • 4:20-4:30pm

David Forbes, Program Director, Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative, HIDA

  • Progress on a standard template for GPO admin fee reporting
  • CSV templates matched to EDI 845 and 867, and the appropriate use of each transaction set
  • Customer identification through third-party identifiers

Break: 4:30-4:40pm

Concurrent Breakouts And Working Sessions 4:40-5:30pm
Strategies For Hiring, Training, and Developing A Great Contract Administration Team

Letitia Anderson, Senior Director, Operations, Stryker

  • Places and ways to recruit, and qualities to look for when filling positions (nobody studies contract administration in school!)
  • The most important elements for your training program, and how to best cover them

Leveraging IT Resources for Contract Administration

Randy Bradley, PhD, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee

  • Why partnering with your IT experts can lead to major improvements in contract administration efficiency
  • How to make the case for investment in contract administration priorities

Working Session: Customer Identification

Facilitator: Theresa Morris, TwinMed

  • Discuss next steps in effort to promote use of third-party identifiers (GLNs, DEA numbers, HIN numbers) in contract communications
  • Evaluate challenges in customer identification including parent-child relationships, class of trade, and other issues, and determine priorities for workgroup efforts

Working Session: Best Practices for Chargeback Reconciliation

Facilitator: Priya Gismondi, ValueCentric

  • Discuss implementation of standard chargeback rejection codes
  • Identify best practices for related chargeback reconciliation processes
Networking Reception • 5:30–7:00pm

Wednesday, February 5

Networking Breakfast • 7:00–8:00am

GPO Case Study: Proactive Contract Management • 8:00-8:45am
Chaun Powell, Group Vice President, Strategic Supplier Engagement, Premier
George Godfrey, VP of Supply Chain Management Services, Baptist Health South Florida
  • When a GPO launches a contract, how does the GPO work with its supplier and provider base to make sure hospitals are actually performing against it
  • GPO and provider co-present on processes, technology, to monitor and increasing contract compliance

Efficient Eligibility: Making Sure The Provider Gets The Right Price, Every Time • 8:45-9:15am

Shawn Katusin, Executive Director, IHN Sourcing Group
Jim Wheeler, VP, Sales, Concordance Healthcare Solutions
Kelly Berrier, VP, Contracts, Concordance Healthcare Solutions

  • Consolidation, regional aggregation, and other purchasing trends making membership maintenance and eligibility an ongoing challenge
  • Best practices for efficient membership maintenance amid these trends
  • Class-of-trade management strategies to improve accuracy and alignment

Table Discussions • 9:15-9:30am

What are you doing to better manage complex levels of pricing to include national GPO pricing, aggregation groups, and local agreements?

Break 9:30-9:50am

Concurrent Breakouts And Working Sessions 9:50-10:40am
It’s All In The Timing: Synchronizing Contract Start Dates

Facilitator: Marco Bulgarelli, McKesson Medical-Surgical

  • Review white paper recommendations for contract notice and activation timing
  • Discuss barriers
  • Consider strategies for improving synchronization

Navigating Customer Eligibility

Facilitator: Nancy Montemarano, BD

  • Discuss practices in efficiently and accurately determining customer eligibility
  • Identify where standards don’t exist and should

GPO Admin Fee Reporting

Facilitators: Melanie Proctor, Premier, and Carl Henshaw, Vizient

  • Discuss status and benefits of new template for GPO admin fee reports
  • Determine next steps to achieve industry adoption

Automated Contract Communications

Facilitator: Susan LaFountain, Contracting Utilization and Data Manager

  • Assess new resources for standard contract communications using the EDI 845, 867, or CSV equivalents
  • Determine next steps for increasing automation in contract communications

Break 10:40-10:50am

Interactive Discussion: How Do We Achieve Automation Leaps In Contract Administration? • 10:50-11:50am

Action Items And Closing Remarks 11:50am-12:00pm


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Program Director for the Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative
HIDA, 703-838-6110

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