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General Session

September 20 8:00 – 9:15am CT
How AI Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Artificial intelligence took a leap in 2023 that has been compared to the dawn of flight. Experts say we are now at a tipping point in AI history, with new tools available to do anything from writing sales pitches to diagnosing cancer. In this session, find out what these AI technology advancements really mean for healthcare, business, and your customers. Geetar Nayyar, M.D, board certified physician, technology leader, and former Chief Medical Officer at Salesforce understands business, technology, and healthcare. She will share insights on the latest breakthroughs in AI technology and their implications for the healthcare industry. Gain insights on:

  • AI impacts on labor shortages, hiring decisions, and staff productivity
  • The future state of healthcare in an AI-enabled world
  • Deployment of AI in the healthcare supply chain

Geeta Nayyar, MD (Dr. G).

Education Contact:

Stephanie Reed, MS

Director, Education