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Evaluating Self-Distribution: A Guide for Healthcare Executives

Medical products distributors are healthcare's partners and supply chain experts who help support patient care, manage costs, and ensure efficient access to essential products. Distributors are a convenient single point of contact for the procurement of healthcare products and they make certain that medical supplies reach the nation's diverse healthcare providers reliably, rapidly – every day

Self-distribution is a decision made by some hospitals and delivery networks in an effort to control costs. HIDA has prepared a guide comparing the value of distribution to self-distribution.

Read the white paper: Evaluating Self-Distribution Guide (pdf),  View slides:  download supporting slides (ppt)

About Distributors

Who They Help:

Medical products distributors serve all types of healthcare providers from hospitals and physician offices to nursing homes, clinics, and other sites of care throughout the country.

What They Do:

  • Reduce the number of vendor transactions in the healthcare supply chain 
  • Deliver medical products quickly and reliably 
  • Respond to healthcare provider questions 
  • Share expertise on healthcare supply and logistics issues 
  • Mitigate "minimum order" requirements for healthcare providers
  • Build relationships with healthcare facilities and caregivers
  • Serve as a tracking and audit point for transactions
  • Promote environmental conservation through fuel conservation and recycling

For more information about the value of distribution across the healthcare industry, visit www.StreamliningHealthcare.org.