Key Takeaways: Rental/Refurb ShareGroup

March 2023

Facilitator: Megan Davis
Sales Operations Manager
Master Medical Equipment

Facilitator: Ryan Tomlinson
Director of Purchasing
Master Medical Equipment

  • The pandemic accelerated the need for refurbished, repaired, and rented equipment as ventilators, purifiers, and other equipment was nearly impossible to find.
  • Healthcare facilities are increasingly open to renting new equipment if they can't buy to own it due to high demand or budget constraints.
  • Demand is increasing for refurbished and repaired equipment due to long lead times.
  • There is a current shortage of lithium and batteries, which makes medical devices like AEDS hard to find right now.
  • The ISO 13485 Certification indicates commitment to a process of continued improvement and strict adherence to protocols and processes for a company who participates in service, repair, and refurbishment.

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