Key Takeaways: Market Insights ShareGroup

February 2023

Facilitator: Kathleen Fox
Director, Market Insights

Facilitator: Chandler Mobley
Manager, Research & Market Insights

Learn from the healthcare distributor and manufacturer leaders who gathered to discuss past and future healthcare market trends, data challenges, and more.

  • The top five overall healthcare market trends in 2022: workforce shortages, supply chain resiliency, innovative technology solutions, antimicrobial resistance, and inflation.
  • Healthcare trends to look for in 2023: rural healthcare facility closures, practice standardization, growth of wearable medical devices, incentives to recruit and retain workforce, and point-of-care testing.
  • Supporting patient preference and the mental health of staff are top priorities across all healthcare markets.
  • The at-home fertility testing market is projected to grow due to convenience and affordability.
  • Artificial intelligence is expected to positively impact demand planning and healthcare forecasting in 2023.