Key Takeaways: EMS ShareGroup

January 2023

Tim Rubert

Facilitator: Tim Rubert
Vice President, Government Affairs
Bound Tree Medical

Mark Taylor

Facilitator: Mark Taylor
Master Medical Equipment

Learn from the healthcare distributor and manufacturer leaders who gathered to discuss emergency medical services (EMS) market forecasting, keys to selling new products into EMS, and more.

  • Product delays and shortages are impacting practice in the field: Clinical decisions are being made based on inventory rather than ideal treatment algorithms.
  • EMS is expected to grow with the increased demand for non-emergency transfers and hospital-at-home services.
  • Key to selling new products into EMS: Prove the new product has a better first-pass success rate than current product or practices.
  • The economics of EMS is under pressure; staff costs are up 10% and supply costs are up 15%, but revenue is not increasing.
  • Solving the EMS financial challenge will require changes to the delivery model, community investment via tax dollars to support the desired level of service, and government action to increase reimbursement.

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