Plan Ahead For Continued Supply Chain Issues

Economic Indicators Point To Continued Pressure On Costs

April 2022

Leading economists at top financial and research institutions now predict that supply chain issues are one source of higher costs, and these pressures are expected to persist throughout the rest of 2022.

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International Monetary Fund

“The cost of shipping a container on the world’s transoceanic trade routes increased seven-fold in the 18 months following March 2020, while the cost of shipping bulk commodities spiked even more. The inflationary impact of those higher costs is poised to keep building through the end of this year.”

International Monetary Fund
U.S. Federal Reserve System

“Bottlenecks and supply constraints are limiting how quickly production can respond. These supply disruptions have been larger and longer-lasting than anticipated, exacerbated by waves of the virus here and abroad, and price pressures have spread to a broader range of goods and services.”

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

“Continued inventory congestion has driven inventory costs, warehousing prices, and overall aggregate logistics costs to all-time high levels. This is putting even more pressure on already-constrained capacity.”

Logistics Managers Index
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

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