How HIDA’s Priorities Became Law

A Timeline Of Legislative Advocacy

January 2023

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After many years of advocacy, Congress enacted into law several of HIDA’s key legislative priorities. In late December 2022, Congress passed an omnibus spending bill to keep the federal government funded for another year. Foremost among the HIDA priorities in the omnibus bill was the inclusion of the PREVENT Pandemics Act.


HIDA Priorities

Add a distributor and manufacturer vendor-managed inventory component to the Strategic National Stockpile to improve preparedness

Legislative Vehicles
Medical Supplies for Pandemics Act (MSPA)
  • Introduced April 2020 in the House and Senate
  • Passed U.S. House of Representatives five times over two years
PREVENT Pandemics Act
  • Introduced February 2022
  • MSPA provisions included in Senate committee markup March 2022
HIDA Advocacy
  • More than 115 meetings with Capitol Hill staff and healthcare distributors urging passage of the PREVENT Pandemics Act
  • HIDA authored a letter signed by two dozen healthcare advocacy organizations supporting PREVENT Pandemics Act

Lab Services

HIDA Priorities

Protect laboratories from 15% cuts to many common diagnostic services that patients rely on

Legislative Vehicles
Saving Access to Laboratory Services Act (SALSA)
  • Introduced June 2022 in the Senate
  • Would collect statistically-valid market data from all types of clinical laboratories
  • Ensures accurate market rates
  • Reduces regulatory reporting burdens
  • Permanently protects labs from dramatic 15% cuts
HIDA Advocacy
  • HIDA meetings with Senate Finance Committee educating staff on the benefits of laboratory services.
  • HIDA letter to Congressional leadership and urging inclusion of PREVENT Pandemics and SALSA in the year-end omnibus spending bill.

Inclusion In Must-Pass Legislation

Omnibus Appropriations Act

Text of PREVENT Pandemics Act included in Omnibus
One-year postponement of 15% cut