The Elements Of Medical Supplies

Volatility In Commodity Markets Creates Pressure On Costs

March 2022

Volatility in commodity markets is a key factor putting pressure on the cost of medical supplies. This infographic focuses on four key raw materials used to manufacture medical supplies.

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Stainless Steel Sutures

Russia is the world’s 3rd largest producer of nickel. Market volatility following the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused nickel prices to spike, doubling in a matter of hours to over $100,000 per ton.

Source: Reuters
Surgical Probes

War in Ukraine has disrupted shipping routes from key suppliers of chromium in Central Asia. Prices for ferro-chrome ore have increased more than 40% since the beginning of March.

Source: Argus Media

Aluminum shortages have raised prices to their highest point in over a decade. A lack of crutches, walkers and wheelchairs have forced providers to ask for donations.

Source: Axios
Pacemakers, Ultrasounds

Chip shortages have been exacerbated by rising demand for medical devices used to treat COVID-19 in emergency rooms and intensive care units.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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