Delays At Every Point In The Supply Chain

September 2022

Following medical supplies through a hypothetical shipping route from Shanghai to Los Angeles to Chicago illustrates the multiple production and shipping issues currently adding delays at every point in the supply chain. HIDA urges Congressional and executive branch action to create a Fast Pass process to expedite medical supplies throughout the nation’s transportation system.

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From Factory To Port
Then: 5 days
Now: 10 days
Shipping crane

China’s repeated COVID lockdowns have limited factory production, slowed internal transportation and prevented ships from loading cargo at Port of Shanghai.

Source: Financial Times, Shanghai lockdown exposes global supply chain strains
Pacific Transit
Then: 15 days
Now: 15 days
(No change)

Cargo ship
Then: 3 days
Now: 14 days

Shipping crane

At the Port of Long Beach, the number of “long-dwell” import containers (waiting at terminal 9 days or more) is at highest level since October 2021.

Source: American Shipper; Long Beach container backlog crosses red line as delays mount
Transfer To Rail
Then: 3 days
Now: 15 days

Freight containers

“There are about 35,000 containers that are designated for rail on our docks right now. A normal day looks more like 9,000 units.”

— Gene Seroka
Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles
Rail Transit
Then: 4 days
Now: 7 days

Securing Trucker
Then: 3 days
Now: 20 days

The American Trucking Associations estimates a shortage of over 80,000 drivers, an all-time high for the industry.

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