Streamlining Healthcare Event Highlights Innovation In Medical Products Supply Chain

The Health Industry Distributors Association event brought together supply chain stakeholders from across the country to share insights on how COVID-19 is reshaping healthcare

Alexandria, VA – October 25, 2021 - The Streamlining Healthcare Conference attracted more than 800 registrants who held more than 600 meetings during the three-day event. 

5 Key Takeaways

  1. Transportation Problems Have Become Healthcare Problems - A Critical Cargo Program is needed to prioritize medical supplies throughout the U.S. transportation system during the COVID-19 response and future public health emergencies. Congestion at vital ports is preventing the return to the reliable flow of healthcare products.
  2. Inventory Issues Are Front And Center – New business models are helping to ensure that inventory is delivered quickly to care providers in greatest need. The pandemic has spurred changes in the way inventory is managed, including a greater interest in stockpiling and public-private partnerships.
  3. Diversified Manufacturing Is Important - The surge in demand for virus-fighting medical supplies has pushed the U.S. to reconsider its reliance on global sources to produce necessary healthcare equipment. Many distributors are turning to regional diversification to access more supplies, more quickly.
  4. Trusted Partnerships Lead To Success – The value of trusted, highly-transparent relationships between healthcare trading partners leads to a stronger, more resilient supply chain. Transparent, honest communication that highlights the good news and the bad only strengthens a partnership.
  5. Workforce Expectations Have Changed - COVID-19 accelerated a shift to remote work and automation. But the pandemic also fostered great stresses on families including ways to manage child care and healthcare, challenging executives to reevaluate the workplace environment. Leadership teams are investing in building camaraderie, offering flexibility, and assessing employees’ mental health needs.

All of the conference educational sessions were recorded, enabling event attendees to review the sessions until November 15, using their conference log-in information.
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Wyeth Ruthven
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