HIDA Calls For ‘Fast-Pass’ System To Expedite Medical Supplies Throughout Transportation System

Life-saving medical supplies should have priority over other cargo waiting inside U.S. ports

Alexandria, VA – December 1, 2021
- Transportation challenges have become a major healthcare issue. The delay in delivering critical medical supplies to hospitals and other care settings threatens providers’ ability to care for patients. The Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) recommends a “fast-pass” system that would expedite medical supplies throughout the nation’s transportation system.

HIDA members reported an average delay of 38 days has been added to the transportation of medical products. To put that in a holiday perspective, medical supplies arriving at a U.S. port on Christmas Eve won’t be delivered to hospitals until February 2022. 
“We as a country cannot allow cargo that is essential to treat patients and protect healthcare workers to wait in line during a public health emergency,” said HIDA President & CEO Matthew J. Rowan. 

To address this issue, HIDA has amplified the importance of reliable delivery of medical supplies by:

Medical supplies and equipment must get into the hands of healthcare providers and frontline workers more quickly and efficiently.

HIDA is the industry trade association representing 114 distribution companies operating 500+ medical distribution centers across the care continuum nationwide. HIDA members deliver medical products and supplies, manage logistics, and offer customer services to virtually every healthcare provider. In 2020, they reliably delivered 51 billion units of PPE “the last mile” to providers. For more information, please visit HIDA.org .

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Wyeth Ruthven

Wyeth Ruthven
Director, Congressional & Public Relations