HIDA Board Chair To Testify Before House Small Business Subcommittee On Supply Chain Resiliency

July 1, 2020

Alexandria, VA – Health Industry Distributors Association Board Chair Chris Fagnani testifies  before a House Small Business subcommittee on the topic of supply chain resiliency.

Fagnani is co-owner and vice president of Lynn Medical, a family-owned cardiology and imaging specialty medical product distributor with 30 employees located in a Wixom, Michigan.

HIDA Board Chair Chris Fagnani testifies before US House Small Business subcommittee about supply chain resiliency.

COVID-19 has created challenges, but Lynn Medical has been able to utilize the flexibility and agility inherent to small businesses, Fagnani will tell the House Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax, and Capital Access on Thursday, July 2, 2020.

Fagnani will outline Lynn Medical’s strategy to partner with small manufacturing businesses whose primary products were deemed non-essential but who wanted to keep their employees working and assist in the nation’s COVID-19 response. Lynn Medical found in the small business community innovation, a willingness to shift priorities, and to take risks to keep their workplaces relevant.

She will acknowledge the difficulties Lynn Medical faced in navigating shifting U.S. regulatory policy on certain products it imported from China, which ultimately impacted delivery to U.S. healthcare providers. Challenges also were present in finding, staying up-to-date and implementing information assuring the workplace was following guidelines to operate, serve customers, and protect employee health.

Fagnani will offer several recommendations to encourage expanded support of small businesses, such as creating a streamlined information source for small businesses. She also will urge enactment of the Medical Supplies for Pandemics Act of 2020. This legislation directs the Strategic National Stockpile to work with medical product distributors to manage a domestic reserve of critical products and to work with manufacturers to diversity production.

The hearing was livestreamed by the Committee on Small Business at 9 a.m. ET Thursday.

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