HIDA Launches Workforce Development Advisory Council

HIDA to tackle workforce development, attract recent graduates into industry

By Wyeth Ruthven, HIDA Director of Public Affairs

Wyeth Ruthven

Wyeth Ruthven
Director of Public Affairs

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March 2022

HIDA recently launched the Workforce Development Advisory Council, starting at the source of the talent pipeline in an effort to recruit recent graduates into internships and entry-level jobs. The Council is composed of leaders in our industry with wide experience in talent acquisition and human resources. The Council will work on:

  • Identifying career paths in the healthcare distribution industry, so applicants can learn how entry-level positions can mature into lifelong careers.
  • Developing a diverse pipeline of applicants for internships and entry-level positions, so that our industry will continue to attract the best and brightest and benefit from a diversity of perspectives and experiences.
  • Building and launching online resources, in conjunction with the HIDA website, where prospective applicants can browse listings and apply for jobs.
  • Conducting physical, person-to-person outreach through our networks to spark renewed interest in healthcare distribution as a profession. This will include outreach to schools with established supply chain courses of study, alumni councils, and social and civic organizations.

A number of short-term and long-term factors in the labor market underscore the need to consider a robust strategy of workforce development at this time.

  • New entrants into the distribution market compete with healthcare distributors for the same pool of talent. E-commerce has transformed the ability of companies to sell and ship direct to customers.
  • The pandemic has altered the way college students look for work. Remote-learning makes it harder for students to visit the career counseling office, and on-campus recruiting by major corporations was suspended.
  • A new approach is needed so that recent high school and college graduates can access the full range of opportunities and careers available to them.

HIDA welcomes the input of everyone in our industry about their success stories in workforce development, and we encourage you to share your experiences with us. In order to kick off brainstorming about workforce development, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why pursue a career in healthcare distribution? What would you tell a younger version of yourself about the career they are about to begin?
  • How are you making your organization attractive to new entrants in the workforce? What are your strategies for filling internships and entry-level positions? How do prospective employees find out about jobs at your company?
  • Where are you searching for talent? Are there particular programs in supply chain management whose graduates you tend to recruit? What outreach have you done with Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions?

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