Identifying and Nurturing Prospects in the Digital Age

November 13, 2017
1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

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It's hard to believe that there was a time when products were sold exclusively by salespeople. In today’s digital age, many healthcare consumers and providers make purchasing decisions after they compare products, functionality, and reviews online. Therefore, social selling has gained the attention of sales professionals and companies that are seeking to succeed in the new norm of a buyer's journey. Join this AMS webinar with Jan Beery, President of KBK Communications, and Rebecca Gecan, Director of Account Management, to learn:

  • What is social selling
  • How to find relevant content using Google Alerts
  • How to create auto responses to nurture prospects
  • How to streamline your social selling process by posting efficiently
  • How to identify a sales qualified lead (SQL) versus a marketing qualified lead (MQL)


Jan Beery, MA
KBK Communications

Jan Beery has an extensive background in the healthcare industry spanning more than 25 years. She began her career in healthcare working in Acute Care, then moved into outside sales building a successful career for 16 years as an independent rep with a team in the midwest. Transitioning into the corporate side of the industry with an international company, Jan built her knowledge in manufacturing and distribution, product development and private label implementations opening new markets in veterinary and industrial med, and building national sales teams. Now as President and founder of KBK Communications, Jan and her team focus on media marketing, developing online strategic “smarketing” programs specifically focused in the healthcare space. Jan's unique approach to marketing and sales provides training and strategies to build brand equity, content-rich education and quantifiable outcomes.

Rebecca Gecan
Director of Account Management
KBK Communications

Rebecca Gecan is the Account Manager for KBK Communications, a digital marketing agency that helps healthcare manufacturers, distributors and service providers attract, convert, close and delight customers by becoming their trusted resource. Through her role as account manager, Rebecca is responsible for working with customers to develop inbound marketing strategies involving SEO, content and educational resources, social tactics, branding and messaging delivered through a variety of media, to drive web traffic and capture sales qualified leads. Previous to her role with KBK Communications, Rebecca was Marketing Communication Manager for Bovie Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of electrosurgical equipment. Rebecca was responsible for marketing initiatives related to distribution and alternate site. At Bovie, Rebecca was the recipient of the Bovie’s BEST award, recognizing her as a key contributor to the company’s mission and vision.