Reaching Millennials: Products and Services That Attract the Younger Healthcare Consumers

March 8, 2017
1:00 – 1:30 pm EST

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Recent research from HIDA Research & Analytics revealed that Millennials have very different expectations from healthcare providers compared to other generations. Learn in this 30-minute webinar, Reaching Millennials: Products & Services that Attract the Younger Healthcare Consumers, how you can help providers meet the needs of America’s largest generation:

  • Hear how they take a pragmatic, consumer-driven approach to healthcare
  • See what factors influence them to choose to visit a particular provider
  • Hear what products and services providers need to offer to cultivate their loyalty


Ann Peters
Manager, Research & Analytics

Ann Peters spearheads HIDA's primary research projects, surveys and Horizon Report publications. Ann tackles emerging issues that have cross-market impact and examines them on an in-depth level, delivering data and analysis for members to more quickly recognize potential risks or opportunities.

With 20 years experience in market research and analysis, Ann is well-versed in crafting quantitative and qualitative research projects and applying statistical methods. Her work has focused on customer experience, corporate strategy, marketing and retail sales data gathering. Prior to HIDA, Ann worked as a research manager and analyst at CX Solutions, National Public Radio (NPR) and Nabisco. She earned her degree from Wilkes University.