Objection Handling With Gatekeepers: It’s Not Rocket Science, But It Is a Science!

Session 2 in a 3-part Webinar Series

May 23, 2017

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If you’re trying to get in and see the doctor or decision maker, you’ll definitely have to deal with gatekeepers: support staff, admins, receptionists, and so on. In most accounts, there are usually two distinct types, and it’s important to know who they are, and what to do differently to each. Join this webinar with John Costigan, President and founder of Costigan Companies, Inc. and cold calling expert, to learn how to:

  • Identify and deal with the two different types of gatekeepers
  • Use “leverage” in the sales process to get to where you need to go
  • Improve your objection handling – with gatekeepers, it should be called, “Beat the Clock”


John Costigan
CEO and Founder
Costigan Companies, Inc.

Oracle, Google, DropBox, Gilead and Daiichi Sankyo are just some of the companies that utilize John’s services to increase the effectiveness of their sales team. If he’s not making live phone calls or demonstrating how to penetrate an account, he’s helping his customers move stalled deals forward. John’s focus is on the simple fundamentals that will help any sales person shorten the distance to “Yes.” Some of his accomplishments:

  • Top 25 Most Influential Sales Trainers in the United States
  • Hosted weekly radio talk show “Everyone is a Sales Person”
  • Guest analyst on Donald Trump’s, “The Apprentice”
  • Voted top rated speaker 2 years in a row at HIDA’s Streamlining Healthcare Conference