Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Plan

March 14, 2018 | 1:00-2:00pm

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Today’s world revolves around social media, real time news, and access to a target audience. Social Media, in particular, has become a powerful business tool, as an extension of the sales team. It’s readily available to everyone when and where they want information. What’s more? It’s free. Social media is changing how companies can interact with their customers. While it may seem simple, integrating social media into your marketing plan goes way beyond setting up a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account and posting a couple times a week.
Join this HIDA webinar with Jan Beery, President of KBK Communications to learn what it takes to:
o Identify the right platform 
o Build your social company page
o Create a social strategy 
o Target your customers 
o Discover who your competitors are (and why it matters)
o Use the tools to help manage social platforms
o Develop content around your buyer’s journey
o Develop social protocols for your sales team


Jan Beery, MA
KBK Communications

Jan Beery has an extensive background in the healthcare industry spanning more than 25 years. She began her career in healthcare working in Acute Care, then moved into outside sales building a successful career for 16 years as an independent rep with a team in the midwest. Transitioning into the corporate side of the industry with an international company, Jan built her knowledge in manufacturing and distribution, product development and private label implementations opening new markets in veterinary and industrial med, and building national sales teams. Now as President and founder of KBK Communications, Jan and her team focus on media marketing, developing online strategic “smarketing” programs specifically focused in the healthcare space. Jan's unique approach to marketing and sales provides training and strategies to build brand equity, content-rich education and quantifiable outcomes.