4 Trends in Distribution for Healthcare Products

August 16, 2018, 1:00-1:30pm EDT

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This free webinar is designed for manufacturers looking to sell their products through healthcare distributors. We’ll start with the basics – types of healthcare distributors, market focus, common services and offerings – and then explore trends in distribution.

Topics include:

  • Why work with distributors
  • How the distribution landscape is changing: consolidation and more
  • What it takes to grow your business through distribution
  • Where to find opportunities to connect with distributors


Elizabeth Hilla
Senior Vice President, HIDA
Executive Director, HIDA Educational Foundation

Elizabeth Hilla has 30 years experience in the healthcare distribution industry and oversees HIDA's educational programs and communication services. As executive director of HIDA Educational Foundation (HEF), Elizabeth spearheads industry initiatives to advance the value of distribution and increase effectiveness within the healthcare supply channel.