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HIDA has set up an information clearinghouse on the Zika virus for supply chain news and resources of particular interest to distributors, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders.

The Zika virus, primarily spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, has been linked to birth defects and other health problems. The White House asked Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to prepare for and respond to the Zika virus, both domestically and internationally. Because of concerns that the virus may have spread more quickly in the southern US in warm weather, the HHS allocated funds using Ebola reserves and the CDC mobilized rapid-response strike teams.

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Government Resources

CDC.gov/Zika | Top 10 Tips | CDC Response Toolkit | OSHA/NIOSH Workplace Guides
CDC resource pages for:  Healthcare Providers | Public Health Laboratories
CDC MMWR Zika Reports | Guidelines for Transmission Prevention | Caring for Reproductive Age Women
CDC Map of Zika Virus Disease in the United States
HHS Resources: Zika Resource Guide Intro (PDF) | HHS For Clinicians, Emergency Responders (PDF)
HHS High Risk Pregnancy, Microcephaly Planning (PDF) | HHS Children With Special Healthcare Needs (PDF)
Other resources: FDA Zika Diagnostic Development | CIDRAP | NIH Vaccine Development



8/16 | NIH Begins Clinical Trial Of Live, Attenuated Zika Vaccine
7/6 | FDA Changes Guidance On Testing Blood Donations For Zika
6/21 | Some California Mosquitoes Can Carry Zika Virus
5/1 | CDC: Illnesses from Mosquito, Tick, Flea Bites Increasing in US – Better Tools Needed
3/30 | CDC Studying Zika Response For Future Public-Private Partnerships (Subscription Required)


8/2 | CDC: Zika Action Day Toolkit
1/6 | CDC: Zika Threat Isn’t Over

november 2016

11/18 | WHO Declares Zika No Longer a Global Emergency
11/14 | Zika Infection in US Still Rare, Blood Donations Indicate
11/10 | Zika Striking Women at Higher Rates Than Men
11/7 | Testing Begins on an Experimental Zika Vaccine

october 2016

10/31 | FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorizations for Zika Diagnostics
10/29 | Colombia Is Hit Hard by Zika, but Not by Microcephaly
10/28 | Diseases Like Zika Flourish When Economies Tank
10/26 | CDC: Zika Virus Will ‘Become Endemic’
10/25 | Florida Department of Health Daily Zika Update
10/18 | US Health Officials Outline Zika Spending Priorities
10/18 | Small Island, Big Experiment
10/17 | Four New Mosquito-borne Zika Cases in Miami–Dade County
10/7 | Zika Test Delays Cause Anxiety for Pregnant Women
10/4 | Zika Vaccine Race Spurred by Crisis and Profit Potential

september 2016

9/30 | Panel: Zika-related Birth Defects Likely Higher Than Anticipated
9/29 | Congress Approves $1.1 Billion in Zika Funding
9/27 | CDC Whistleblower Claims Agency Has Been Using Wrong Zika Test
9/27 | Zika Vaccine Enters Clinical Trials
9/26 | Study: NIH-developed Zika Vaccine Shows Promise
9/26 | Doctors Brace for Zika Babies
9/19 | Predict Zika’s Spread? It’s Hard Enough to Count the Cases
9/19 | CDC Ends Zika Travel Advisory for Miami Neighborhood
9/14 | Florida Gets Help to Deal With Backlog of Zika Tests
9/12 | CDC Deploys New Rapid Response Teams to Fight Zika
9/8 | Senate Nears Zika Funding Breakthrough
9/1 | Zika Virus Fears Spur Diagnostics Race as Women Seek Testing

august 2016

8/30 | CDC: US Funding for Fighting Zika Virus Is Nearly Spent
8/29 | FDA Issues Emergency Authorization for Zika Diagnostics Test From Roche
8/26 | FDA Advises Testing for Zika Virus in All Donated Blood and Blood Components in the US
8/23 | CDC Update for Healthcare Providers
8/23 | Florida Announces Zika Case Hundreds of Miles From Miami
8/23 | Zika Virus: Florida Announces Five New Cases
8/19 | Despite Spending Feud, NIH Makes Do In Fight Against Zika
8/17 | Zika Spending Stalemate In Congress Spills Over Into Campaigns
8/17 | Hospital In Florida Implements Zika Crisis Surge Plan
8/15 | US Declares Public Health Emergency In Puerto Rico Over Zika
8/11 | Administration Shifts More Funds to Avoid Zika Vaccine Delay
8/9 | Why The Zika Travel Warning In Florida Is So Narrow. And What It Means for Rest of US
8/9 | Study Details Possible Link Between Zika and Joint Condition
8/9 | New York Health Dept. Expands Zika Testing Guidelines
8/3 | NIH Begins Testing Investigational Zika Vaccine in Humans
8/2 | HHS Allocates $42.3 Million From Ebola to Combat Zika
8/2 | CDC Announces $16 Million for States' Zika Efforts
8/1 | CIDRAP Director Osterholm Discusses the Zika Threat (Video)
8/1 | CDC Issues a Travel Advisory to Florida, 10 New Cases of Zika
8/1 | The Zika Threat Moves North

july 2016

7/29 | NIH: Zika Infection Caused by One Virus Serotype, Implications for Vaccine Development
7/29 | Zika Is Spreading Explosively in Puerto Rico
7/29 | CDC: Florida Investigation Links 4 Zika Cases to Local Mosquito-borne Transmission
7/22 | Doctors Devise Care Plan for Babies as Zika Threat Looms
7/22 | Summer Travel and the Zika Virus
7/20 | Quebec-made Vaccine Against Zika Ready for Testing on Humans
7/15 | Scientists: Zika Outbreak to End in 2 to 3 Years
7/11 | First Zika Death Reported in US
7/7 | French Company Announces Possible Zika Vaccine
7/6 | Zika Threatens Blood Supply
7/1 | More US Babies With Zika-related Birth Defects Reported by CDC

june 2016

6/28 | Two New Vaccines Can Protect Against Zika After a Single Shot
6/28 | Senate Vote on Zika Money Fails, Leaving Funding Future Uncertain
6/20 | Experimental Zika Vaccine to Begin Human Testing
6/17 | As Zika Threat Grows in US, Testing Lags for a Vulnerable Group
6/17 | CDC: Puerto Rico Zika Infections Rising
6/16 | Zika Virus Tied to Birth Defects in 6 Babies in US
6/16 | CDC Reports 234 Pregnant Women in US With Zika
6/14 | CDC Preparing to Deploy Strike Teams to Limit Spread of Zika
6/10 | Official Map Finds Zika-transmitting Mosquitoes in Much of US
6/8 | Zika Virus Swamps Embattled Puerto Rico
6/3 | NIH: Possible Zika Vaccine by September
6/3 | Billions Needed to Combat Zika Virus, Possible Vaccine by September

may 2016

5/20 | Nearly 300 Pregnant Women in US Test Positive for Zika
5/12 | Senate to Vote Tuesday on Zika Funding Plans
5/09 | A Window Into the Workings of Zika
5/04 | Florida's Governor Urges Congress to Approve Zika Funding

april 2016

4/29 | FDA Approves First Commercial Zika Virus Test
4/29 | Senate Adjourns Without Funding Zika Fight
4/28 | White House Seeks $1.9 Billion to Fight Zika, Faces Congressional Delays
4/27 | HHS Provides $5 Million to Puerto Rico for Zika Response
4/26 | Survey: Zika-prone States Underprepared for Health Emergency
4/25 | Zika Funding Battle Steals States’ Public Health Emergency Money
4/21 | Senators Consider Funding Plan to Address Zika Threat
4/20 | CDC: Potential for Small Zika Outbreaks in US
4/15 | 5 Things You Should Know About Zika
4/14 | CDC: Zika Virus Can Cause Brain Defects in Babies
4/13 | Congress Sends President Bill on Zika Drug Development
4/12 | First Zika Vaccine May Start Clinical Trials in September; Congress Yet to Fund Research
4/12 | U.S. Officials: The More We Learn About Zika, the Scarier It Is
4/12 | CDC Announces $3.7 Million to Combat Zika Outbreak in Puerto Rico
4/11 | Health Officials Sound Alarm Bell Over Zika Virus Spread
4/10 | Officials Sound Alarm on Zika Funding
4/6 | Hospitals, Blood Banks Take Precautions to Prevent Spread Of Zika
4/6 | White House: $589 Million to Go to Fight Zika Virus (Video)
4/4 | CDC Zika Summit Warns of Looming Mosquito Season, Urges Local Preparation

march 2016

3/31 | WHO Sees Scientific Consensus on Zika As Cause for Disorders
3/30 | FDA Allows New Test to Screen Blood for Zika
3/25 | CDC Recommends PPE and Other Precautions to Prevent Zika Transmission
3/16 | Where’s Zika Most Likely In The US? The Answer May Surprise You
3/07 | Zika Has Pregnant Women in US Worried, and Doctors Have Few Answers
3/06 | Drugmakers Scramble to Find Zika Vaccine
3/04 | NIH: Zika Vaccine Possible 'Within Months'
3/04 | A Zika Breakthrough: Scientists Detail How Virus Attack Fetal Brain
3/01 | CDC Will Soon Have 1 Million Zika Virus Tests Available
3/01 | Vox: 9 Questions About the Zika Virus You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

february 2016

2/26 | HHS: Zika Resource for Clinicians, Emergency Responders (PDF)
2/22 | Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers EUROIMMUN Anti-Zika Virus Test Kits
2/16 | NYTimes: FDA Issues Zika Virus Guidelines For Blood Supply
2/16 | Washington Post: Why Zika Is ‘Much More Insidious, Cunning and Evil’ Than Ebola
2/10 | WSJ: US Health Officials Expect Significant Zika Cases in Puerto Rico, Other Territories
2/08 | White House Requests Emergency Funding for Zika
2/08 | New York Times: Scientists Seek Answers on Zika in Other Viruses
2/08 | Huffington Post: US Olympic Committee Tells Athletes Consider Not Attending Rio Games Over Zika 
2/01 | CNN: Halting the Spread of Zika Into the United States

january 2016

World Health Organization Declares Public Health Emergency
BBC News, Galveston TX: Inside High-security Laboratory Developing a Zika Vaccine (Video)

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