Vendor Credentialing


Vendor credentialing requires health products vendors to meet varying criteria to do business with healthcare institutions. While certain institutions may require ID Badges, vaccination documentation, criminal background checks, HIPAA compliance and/or fees, there is little consistency on such requirements across providers.

What Members Need to Know

HIDA is working with public-private partnerships to establish effective vendor credentialing standards that strengthen patient safety and makes the credentialing process more efficient.


The complexity and size of many hospitals, and a rise in occupational health issues, on site accidents, medical errors, and litigation, have increased the need for managers to know who is entering their facilities.

It is imperative that consistent and effective credentialing criteria be established to reduce duplication and cost inflation. Given patient safety concerns being voiced by hospitals, crediting requirements should be based on the level of patient interaction a vendor has – not simply on the fact that they’re doing business with the hospital.

For more information, visit The Joint Commission website.