HIDA Comments On Tariff Lists

HIDA continues to work with its members to ensure healthcare products remain readily accessible, by helping both Congress and the Administration understand the complexities of the U.S. healthcare supply chain through submitted comments and oral testimony in front of the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

Review HIDA’s comments and testimony below for each of the tariff lists.

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List 1

Date Proposed: April 6, 2018
Date Finalized: June 20, 2018

HIDA Comments List 1►
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HIDA Testimony List 1►
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List 2

Date Proposed: June 20, 2018
Date Finalized: August 16, 2018

HIDA Comments List 2►
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HIDA Testimony List 2►
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List 3

Date Proposed: July 17, 2018
Date Finalized: October 4, 2018

HIDA Comments List 3►
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HIDA Testimony List 3►
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List 4

Date Proposed: May 13, 2019
Date Finalized: TBD

HIDA Comments List 4►
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HIDA Testimony List 4►
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For further information please visit HIDA Government Affairs Tariff issue page, or contact HIDA.

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