Ecommerce In Healthcare

Channel Partner Success Strategies For Product Data Management And Digital Marketing

Ecommerce is transforming the business of healthcare. Through its free industry resources, HIDA helps you establish your ecommerce and digital marketing presence to remain competitive in this changing landscape.

Resources available for your reference are HIDA’s PIM Playbook and the product attribute tool from ecommerce workshops, and The Core 23: Product Data Infographic.

PIM Playbook

Beginning with product information management (PIM), HIDA's PIM Workgroup created the PIM Playbook to serve as a first step for healthcare manufacturers and distributors that have no defined PIM data-sharing process to follow. By adopting a standard approach for sharing product attributes, manufacturers and distributors can transmit medical product data and images seamlessly, electronically, and consistently with trading partners.
Reference Guide
PIM Reference Guide: Product Information Management Attributes, Terms & Definitions
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PIM Product Attribute Tool

HIDA has prepared an additional resource based on information gathered at E-Commerce workshop meetings. Download the PIM Playbook: E-Commerce Product Information Management Attributes, Terms And Definitions in spreadsheet format.

Download PIM Product Attribute Tool►
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)


Manpreet Kaur Sandhu

Manpreet Kaur Sandhu
Program Manager, Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative