Value of Distribution

Learn how distributors add value in the healthcare supply chain at the Streamlining Healthcare Distribution Website.

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What is the healthcare distribution supply chain?

Distributors support nearly 100% of patient procedures with medical products and supplies, product and logistical expertise, and aid with environmental conservation and emergency preparedness.

How do distributors make a difference?

Distributors reduce the number of vendor transactions, mitigate requirements of minimum orders for healthcare providers and serve as an audit point for transactions.

Who do distributors help?
  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Physician Offices
  • Post-Acute and Home Care
  • Clinics & sites of care in every state throughout the US

Why are distributors cost-effective?

Distributors have the expertise to improve procurement planning so that physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare sites realize greater cost savings.