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USTR Extends Many COVID-19 Chinese Tariff Exclusions

May 24, 2024

Today, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced some of the 77 COVID-19 related Chinese tariff exclusions will be extended one year through May 31, 2025. Products not receiving this extension will have a two-week transition period and then their tariff exclusion will expire.

Specifically, products listed in Annex C of the USTR notice will have their exclusion extended through May 31, 2025. Examples of medical products included in Annex C are single-use sterile drapes, laparotomy sponges of cotton, anesthetic instruments, electrosurgical cautery pencils, blood pressure monitors, and fingertip pulse oximeters.

However, products listed in Annex D of the notice will not have their tariff exclusion extend beyond the two week transition period of June 14, 2024. Examples of medical products listed in Annex D include single-use blood pressure cuff sleeves of textiles materials and single-use stethoscope covers.

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Christina Lavoie

Christina Lavoie
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Linda Rouse O’Neill
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