Demand Planning Roadmap

Competencies And Characteristics For A Highly Resilient Supply Chain

June 2020

Supply Chain Demand Planning

Successful supply chain organizations rely on a mature and proven demand planning process to enable them to quickly respond to sudden changes, especially in today’s dynamic environment.

Leaders from a cross-section of industry companies participating on the Demand Planning Workgroup came together to identified the practices that characterize organizations that have an effective demand planning process. The result is this resource, which lists 47 key characteristics across four categories: General Standards, Processes, Systems, and Tracked Metrics.

This roadmap provides guidance to supply chain organizations for their strategic planning. The full list of characteristics and their value statements detailed in this document are applicable to all segments – manufacturers, distributors, and providers. Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and as the industry adopts these standards resiliency across the entire supply chain is increased.

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