Thought Leaders: Industry Recommendations For Strong Public-Private Pandemic Infrastructure

July 2021

The Health Industry Distributors Association has released strategic recommendations for improving U.S. readiness and response to future pandemics. Board leaders from HIDA and the HIDA Educational Foundation convened to share learnings from the public health emergency on key topics such as surge manufacturing, diversified sourcing, and supply chain readiness. During discussions on how to fortify and leverage strengths in the supply chain, consensus emerged to support a public-private partnership.

HIDA’s Thought Leaders recommendations include:

  1. Build a bigger cushion: Fulfill healthcare providers’ initial demand while giving critical time to ramp up manufacturing production capacity.
  2. Establish a national sourcing strategy: Create capacity to quickly ramp up medical supply production.
  3. Ensure supply chain readiness: Understand roles, expectations, and connection points to access products in an emergency.

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Wyeth Ruthven

Wyeth Ruthven
Director, Congressional & Public Relations